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David Fairfax and Joe Ferguson work as civilians for the US Navy (Their “day job”).  Of course when your team all has two full-time jobs, you’d think it would be impossible to have time to manufacture guns. Not for these intrepid gunmakers, they’ve made excellence their goal. F4Defense manufactures AR platform weapons. You can check out their website here.

This veteran/civilian team began about two years ago, but debuted in July of 2017 at a Trade Show.

“We’re still working on marketing. There’s a ton of competition out there. But we have a great product, and we keep innovating and improving them.” Joe Ferguson

He’s not wrong. One of their specialties is an AR-10 small frame rifle that weighs just 6.5 pounds, and is 16 inches in length. It’s lighter, its recoil is less, and it comes in every caliber available to traditional AR-10 platform weapons. Smaller carrier, smaller uppers and lowers, “more dynamic.” The use of a hydraulic buffer and a flat wire buffer spring significantly reduce felt recoil (which is great for woman shooters as well).

Their weapons can be purchased in a variety of calibers such as .308, 6.5 Creedmoor, .22 Creedmoor and 7mm-08.

They put their weapons through extremely rigorous testing. They do not allow any weapon to leave their business that isn’t reliable and shooting sub-MOA groups.

“Some people might think I’m testing too much, but it has to be accurate and reliable.” Dave Fairfax

They’ve been marketing to both Military and Law Enforcement as their first focus.  Some SWAT teams in California have already picked up their weapons.

One of their newest creations is the F4-15 Enhanced Battle Rifle. They say it has high quality components and “flawless execution.”

The F4-15 Enhanced Battle Rifle

Exceptional Teamwork- the blend of  military and civilian expertise

Co-owner Dave Fairfax is an Air Force veteran – from 2004, discharged in 2007. He worked on Flir systems (Infrared, Night vision, etc) and was also an H53 Gunner. Co-owner Joe Ferguson has worked for the Department of Defense (Navy) for 20 years as a civilian flight test engineer and program manager. His bachelor’s degrees in Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering and Masters degree in Systems Engineering as well as the flight testing he has participated in has brought an additional area of expertise to the team. All of them have participated in competitive shooting. Their kids are involved in hunting and recreational shooting as well.  F4’s unique and impressive design and appeal are the result of a collaboration with Nathan Fuentes, a well known and respected firearms design engineer.

You can watch them put some of their weapons through their paces on their Facebook page at f4defense. You can contact them at this email: info@f4defense.com.


  • Frank

    “They’ve been marketing to both Military and Law Enforcement as their first focus. Some SWAT teams in California have already picked up their weapons.”

    I was going to take a “look-see” at what they offer for sales BUT – I will NEVER consider a purchase from these clowns because of their sales to the Democratic Peoples Republic of Kalifornikate.

    Screw you SOBs.

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