F-16 and Cessna Aircraft collide over South Carolina

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An Air Force f-16 and a Cessna C-150 collided in midair at around 11:03 a.m. over South Carolina today, causing a massive fireball, and forcing the F-16 pilot to eject. The Cessna broke up over a wide area. The private plane pilot’s fate is unknown.

 f-16 and Cessna

Part of the Cessna landed beside this trailer -Twitter photo

The pilot of the F-16 safely ejected from the aircraft, and was picked up and transported to the hospital. Reports say  that he is OK at this point. The F-16 crashed in Berkeley county.

“We are in investigative mode trying to find out who that plane belonged to and who was on board. We have debris of the small plane scattered over a large area, and part of it is in a rice field.” Berkeley County Rescue Squad Chief Bill Salisbury

No one was injured by falling pieces of the Cessna, according to the FAA. One piece fell up against a trailer in the area, but no one was at home. Part of the Cessna landed in the Cooper River, with other portions spread over a “wide area.”

The NTSB is investigating as well as the Air Force. The F-16 and its pilot, were based out of Shaw Air Force base, approximately 100 miles from Charleston, South Carolina.

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