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Charisa Argys wants to be a role model for hunters. Her goal? Spread the message that more women and youth can participate in hunting, and lobby for laws in states so that they are protected after the hunt. She is hoping to become the 2016 winner of the Extreme Huntress competition in order to help her goals become reality.

extreme huntress

Charisa Argys – wants to let women and youth know that they can hunt too

Last year’s attacks

In 2014, Charisa became the focus of animal rights activists after she posted a photo of a mountain lion she killed in Colorado (2013). She writes:

In 2014 the picture of my mountain lion hunt was placed on an anti hunting Facebook page where extremist groups used it to attack me personally and hunting. I was attacked by people from all over the world, some even threatening to kill me and my children. I chose to stand up and speak out about those threats and work towards tougher laws to protect hunters from harassment in the field and after the hunt.


Last year’s winner of the Extreme Huntress competition, Rebecca Francis, was targeted as well, often by name. A common theme is generic nastiness like this:

Whether by Twitter or Facebook or any other social media, the attacks from animal rights groups never stop. Sometimes they are specific to the person, sometimes they are not. But all of them are vicious.

Leave us alone

Ms. Argys says she just wants activists to “leave us alone.” She has been lobbying for laws that will protect hunters by giving them some sort of legal recourse from the actions of the animal rights activists. She is a member of the Hunter Advancement Task Force – sponsored by the US Sportsman’s Alliance.  She is an “amateur” hunter, but says hunting is in her “DNA” – she did, after all, grow up hunting with her father as a child.

Charisa’s entry into the Extreme Huntress Competition is at this link – all of the semi-finalists are listed at ExtremeHuntress.  Consider voting for her. The competition ends June 1.


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