Extinction Rebellion Protesters Meet Fed-Up Burger Employees

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Video surfaced of an altercation in Long Beach, CA from back in September. Extinction Rebellion protesters (aka climate changers) descended on a Long Beach In-N-Out Burger restaurant on September 8. It didn’t go well for the protesters when employees forcibly removed them, and police handcuffed them instead of the employees.

The incident occurred  in the 6300 block of East Pacific Coast Highway at around 5 p.m. September 8.

Throwing twenty kinds of tantrums is the usual plan of the leftists, and in particular that applies to so-called “protesters.” Let’s call them “disruptors.” The protesters were allegedly climate change activists, but authorities have not confirmed that’s exactly who they were. It doesn’t matter. People are fed up with all the protesting and yelling anyway.

According to The Blaze,

The clip first showed a male In-N-Out employee holding an older, grey-bearded protester from behind and carrying him out of the restaurant — to the cheers of those inside.

Once out of the restaurant, the protester used his bullhorn to yell “get your hands off me!” in the employee’s face, and the employee told the protester to leave the property.

A second part of the clip showed another protester — a female — appearing to be escorted from the restaurant by a different employee. The grey-bearded protester was next to her.

Protesters yelled that they were being assaulted.

Screenshot of protester getting in the face of an employee with a bullhorn.

That’s when police arrived. The protesters yelled, screamed, demanded that the employees be arrested for “assault.”

One of  the most vocal protesters, Sarah Gomez, 26, was wanted on a warrant. As police arrested her, she threw a real live temper tantrum, screaming and yelling at the top of her lungs. They booked her for assault and the warrant. She was ordered released on September 10 (now I wonder which left wing group organized that?) but police have filed charges.

The employees refused to let the noisy idiots wreck their business. The police refused to let them as well. All in all, it was a chaotic situation that didn’t end well for the loud-mouthed protesters and their bullhorns. Ahhhhh, silence.

Featured photo: screenshot from cell phone video


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  • BarryOddessy

    Given the Auditory damage those loudspeakers can cause at close range, I’d suggest that ‘in your face’ loudspeaker use would constitute an assault with long term and life-changing consequences.

  • Thomas Lawrence

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  • Thomas Lawrence

    Fuck you cowardly censors. I guess my comment must be nicely nice to get prented you pathetic pack of pussymen. Fuck you again.

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