Expose CNN – Project Veritas Reveals Jeff Zucker Bias

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A Project Veritas series called “Expose CNN” being released this week reveals that CNN CEO Jeff Zucker is pushing Trump impeachment to the detriment of all other stories. He HATES Donald Trump, and is attempting to undo the results of the 2016 election.

Project Veritas was contacted by Cary Poarch, who stated that he at one time worked for CNN for about 2 years and decided to wear a wire because the bias turned his “dream job” into a nightmare.

“I noticed after… that there was a strong group-think that permeated through the halls and that everyone was on board the ‘I hate Trump Train.'” Cary Poarch

Expose CNN – from racial bias to deliberate viciousness

Fox News noted:

Poarch allegedly recorded “several” of Zucker’s conference calls, in which he claims Zucker runs the daily meeting “with an iron fist” aimed directly at “hammering Trump” or “Republicans in general.” Poarch told O’Keefe that several high-powered CNN executives join Zucker on the daily call, including senior vice president of newsgathering Virginia Moseley and political director David Chalian.

Zucker, who began his career at NBC, rose from researcher all the way to president and CEO of NBC Universal. Along the way, he was responsible for increasing Donald Trump’s fame when he greenlighted “The Apprentice.”

The duo has famously feuded since Trump’s foray into politics, with the president attacking the liberal network on a regular basis and accusing CNN of unfair coverage.

Zucker is also heard telling staff to call out Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., and encouraging CNN on-air personalities to attack Fox News.

Zucker will never resign. He has hated Donald Trump for years.

Here are parts one and two of the Project Veritas expose, other portions of racial bias and going after KellyAnne Conway are available at https://www.projectveritas.com/.

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