Explosion at Eglin Air Force Base

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At around 10 a.m. Eastern this morning an explosion occurred at the McKinley Climatic Lab at Eglin Air Force Base in Florida. The black smoke was thought to have contained methyl chloride, and a shelter in place order was issued for personnel. They were told to turn off their HVAC systems.

Okaloosa County Sheriff assisted in evacuating the surrounding area, and according to ABC4 a 1000 foot cordon was established. Eglin eventually tweeted that the cloud of black smoke had dissipated, and lifted the shelter in place order. The base stated that there were no significant injuries resulting from the incident. The cause of the fire/explosion is under investigation.

Google images map of Eglin AFB

Methyl Chloride (also known as Chloromethane) was once used as a refrigerant. The McKinley Lab at Eglin AFB uses Methyl Chloride for cryogenic refrigeration.

It was once used in regular refrigerators, but was found to be toxic, so it was discontinued. Inhalation of the gas can affect the central nervous system, things such as drowsiness, dizziness, or confusion and difficulty breathing, walking or speaking.

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