Ex-VA Doc Faces Child Sex Abuse Charges in 4 States

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Ex-VA Doc Faces Child Sex Abuse Charges in 4 States

Craig Morgenstern goes on trial today, February 22,  for 35 counts of aggravated sexual assault, production of child pornography and transportation with intent for sexual acts with a child. He was once an Emergency Room doctor at the Spokane, Washington VA Medical Center. His victims have been found in four states – Washington, Tennessee, Mississippi, and Idaho. He is accused of not just committing the abuse, but filming it as far back as 2008.

Craig Morgenstern – Spokane County Jail photo

The escape that started the investigation

Morgenstern lives in Nine Mile Falls, Washington. In October of 2014, the 13 year old child of a friend was visiting his home.

Local news KXLY wrote at the time,

Court documents say the child was watching movies at Morgenstern’s Nine Mile Falls home Saturday [2014] when Morgenstern began rubbing his neck. The child told investigators he did not want that to happen and asked Morgenstern to stop. At that point, the child says Morgenstern got him a cup of hot chocolate, which the child said “looked funny and had flakes in it.” Morgenstern told the child he had put cinnamon on it. Court documents say “[the child] drank the hot chocolate, but said it made him feel dizzy so he laid down and closed his eyes.”

According to court documents, the child told investigators he recalled “Mr. Morgenstern picking him up and carrying him to bed and putting a blanket on him.” The child says he felt the blanket come off a short time later and “Mr. Morgenstern put his mouth on [the child’s] privates.” The child told investigators he was scared and pretended to be asleep, but opened his eyes at one point and saw camera equipment above his head.

The child was able to leave the residence and called 911 from a neighbor’s home. That began an investigation into this so-called “doctor” who now faces numerous charges, not only in Washington, but three other states as well.

He was arrested in March of 2015 and is under a hold by the U.S. Marshall’s office due to being wanted in numerous other jurisdictions.

Prosecutors from Tennessee and Mississippi say that he transported children with the intent to abuse them. His victims were ages 12-16, with one child being even younger.

Good riddance

When officers searched Morgenstern’s home, they found around 1 million pornographic images. The state of Washington has permanently revoked his medical license. Just one conviction of aggravated child sexual abuse of a minor can bring a sentence of life in prison. Good riddance.


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