European Private Gun Ownership Rises 32%

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Finland, Austria, Norway, Germany, and France are now in the top 25 nations in the world for private gun ownership. That’s in spite of the EU’s tightened restrictions that seem to never end. The mass sexual assault and Islamic terrorist attacks have increased the amount of weapons licenses across Europe.

According to an article in Breitbart, the rise is attributable to the migrant crisis. After the open borders action touted by Angela Merkel, the amount of terror attacks and sexual assaults is said to be the reason that gun ownership has increased in spite of the tightened restrictions.

From the article:

Belgium has seen a similar rise, almost doubling since the November 2015 terror attack in Paris and the Brussels bombings in March 2016, representing “a clear indication of why people acquired them,” according to Nils Duquet of the Flemish Peace Institute.

Personal gun ownership laws have been progressively tightened since 2006 in Belgium, where now a potential gun owner must undergo psychological evaluation and a year of theory and shooting tests.

Brussels shooting range owner Sébastien de Thomaz noted that “With each terror attack, the legislation gets stricter,” making it harder for law-abiding citizens to own firearms.

“For the black market, everything stays the same,” he added dryly.

The report adds that two-thirds of the weapons market is illegal, with many of the firearms coming from the former Yugoslavia.  The Small Arms Survey finding that Europe’s unregistered weapons outnumber legal arms 44.5 million to 34.2 million.

People even have to apply for permits to carry non-lethal weapons. Non-lethal weapons are flare guns and alarm pistols.

When the EU began a crackdown on legal gun owners, the Czech President fought back and proposed a “2nd amendment” for his own country.


Our own lawmakers appear to be clueless as to these situations, as they continually try to tighten restrictions on firearms.


Featured photo: Screenshot of Europeans at a German arms show via WSJ.

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