ESPN Pulls Announcer Because of His Name: Robert Lee

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ESPN pulled the ultimate politically correct move- they pulled announcer Robert Lee from covering a University of Virginia football game because his name is similar to the Confederate General Robert E. Lee. According to reports, even Mr. Lee was apprehensive after the Charlottesville disaster. They actually did it because they didn’t want Mr. Lee to be the subject of jokes and Memes. That’s how it is in today’s hysterical world.

Here is the network’s explanation and reasoning:

Sure, we can understand wanting to protect their announcer against ridicule, right? Of course, Twitter users had an opinion:

My personal favorite:

This one runs a close second:

Yes, one of ESPN’s announcers, Ryen Rusillo, was arrested for being naked and drunk as he broke into a condo in Wyoming. They charged him with a misdemeanor – Criminal Trespass.

ESPN has made some terrifically poor decisions lately. They were also taken to task over a Fantasy Football auction that turned into a squabble over its resemblance to “slavery.” Both White and Black players were involved, but hey it was an “auction.” ESPN issued an “apology.”

Lee is a common name among Asian, Black, and White communities. To be afraid of the so-called backlash is ridiculous. A major news media organization, Reuters thought he was a namesake of the General…not.   Liberals are apparently tripping all over themselves to be politically correct and leaving a mass pile of stupidity in their wake.


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