Erie, PA – Digging Out From #Snowmageddon

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Erie, PA got smacked with a record-breaking total of 65.1 inches of snow from Christmas Eve to Wednesday afternoon.The average snowfall for the entire season is 102 plus inches- they got nearly that amount just for the month of December. The snow finally stopped on Thursday, but more is forecast for the weekend.

The folks didn’t seem to whine, or threaten to move to Florida. They made jokes, and pitched in to help each other. Some treated the snowfall with laughter, diving into the frosty piles, laughing when the little dogs were buried up to their eyeballs while trying to do their business. One man used the snow as an excuse to get out his 60 inch snow blower.

The National Guard that lives in the area also pitched in to help dig the city out from under Mother Nature’s “treasury of snow.”

According to,

“As you might expect, the weather has put life on Erie on hold for many of its residents. Mail service was halted for two full days β€” it’s expected to resume today β€” but even if mail carriers head out on their routes, actually delivering to buried mailboxes and front porches is proving troublesome. The city is asking residents to attempt to clear a path to their mailboxes if possible. Residents who need help shoveling are encouraged to contact the local United Way for assistance, and Erie police are asking people to avoid using 9-1-1 for snow removal requests.”

Of course, winter isn’t over yet, so check out this forecast:


Now human snowflakes in Erie, PA. Check out “Uncle John.”

The sense of humor:

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