Erdogan – Uprising is a Gift from God, so He can Cleanse the Army

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Erdogan – Uprising is a Gift from God, so He can Cleanse the Army

Tayyip Erdogan is on the warpath against every member of the military he thinks might be against him. He is also thinking about bringing back the death penalty, which was abolished in 2004. As we previously reported, the opposition forces may be in serious trouble.

“This uprising is a gift from God, because this will be reason to cleanse our army.” Erdogan

He has already begun the purge. At last count, 265 people were killed during the failed coup attempt. Military members involved in the coup attempt have been systematically rounded up and detained – the Daily Mail reports the number at 6,000, while other news media say 2,839.

The Islamist in Charge

A photo emerged on Social Media from an unknown source that showed Turkish military soldiers bound and half naked, dumped in a room like so much trash.


This photo from a Turkish gymnasium shows military members bound and half naked – via Daily Mail

This is the Islamist in charge. He will find a way to kill them all and there will be no mercy shown.

Some are claiming the attempted Coup was set up to fail from the beginning because Erdogan wanted to purge the military- and the coup gave him the excuse he needed… the ultimate False Flag event. The participants would have no idea they were walking into a trap, and so many died…for Erdogan’s desire to remove all dissent.

The Daily Mail Reported,

The rebel army faction said they were trying to overthrow the government to ‘protect human rights’ and restore democracy from Erdogan’s Justice and Development Party, AKP, which has repeatedly faced criticism over its brutal crackdowns on anti-government protesters.

If they thought the crackdown on protesters was brutal…just wait.

Erdogan has demanded that the U.S. extradite the exiled opposition leader, Fethullah Gulen. Secretary of State John Kerry said that he would consider it if Turkey can provide proof that he was involved.

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