Erasing History – Fights Over Civil War Monuments, Where does it End?

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People have been raging about Civil War monuments and statues not just for the past 2 years, but for almost a decade. The left is demanding they be moved out of sight, but more often, that they be destroyed.

I don’t see it that way. For me, history is HISTORY!!! Good, bad, or neutral. Yes, it invokes passion of all forms. Sometimes it makes you proud. Other times, it makes you angry. But more often than not, unless you’re a person who can be triggered by any perceived micro-aggression as small as a gnat farting 10 miles away from you, it’s neutral place of contemplation.

Most of the time, it’s a place where there’s a tangible reminder of a teachable moment in time of a piece of history. But as of late, groups like the Black Lives Matter, Antifa, NAACP, CAIR, Social Nationalist,and multiple Anarcho-Communist and full fledged Communist groups are calling for the wholesale destruction of monuments to our History as a Nation.

How dumb can so many really be?… I can’t really ask that in clear conscience, since many people take that question as a challenge and step up and offer themselves up as examples all too often.

We’ve dummied ourselves down as a Nation. We’ve watered down the sacrifices, great stride and missteps of our forefathers. We’ve become a society that is ruled by “feelings” instead of facts and logic. In short, we as a society are DE-evolving into a bunch of butt hurt feral pansies. Did I strike a nerve there?  Are you mad?  If so, how does it feel to be so weak as a person that an opinion of another can wound so deeply and make you fly into a rage?

The Lenin statues

If you’re mad and screaming for my head on a pike, let’s look at some facts that you might have missed. Vladimir Lenin, the Bolshevik Architect Of European Genocide. This horrific loss of life has been listed as anywhere between 7 million to 7.5 million, although, figures have been as high as 10 Million deaths. Yet the butchery had been in place for a decade already due to Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov better known as Vladimir Lenin.

His statue is sitting in Seattle Washington as of the writing of this. Not only in Seattle, but in: Las Vegas – outside Red Square Restaurant, Mandalay Bay Hotel – Headless Atlantic City, New Jersey – in the Tropicana Casino[2] New York City – on top of the Red Square apartment building, E. Houston St. in the East Village[3] Head of Lenin, Los Angeles, California – outside a branch of the Ace Gallery, the Ace Museum, on the corner of La Brea Avenue and 4th Street. There have been zero calls for this dictator’s statues to be removed or destroyed.

civil war monuments

Lenin Statues in the US

Castro and Guevara statues

Fidel Castro. who used threats, jail and banishment against critics, including intellectuals, journalists and former allies, and who tortured more than 3 million of his people, and killed a median number of about 171,000. His statue still is standing in NYC.

Ernesto “Che” Guevara, who PERSONALLY EXECUTED over 500 people, a man who hated Gays, blacks, teachers, musicians and liberals…And imprisoned tens of thousands of people who never saw the light of day again, still has a statue standing in Central Park in NYC.

Assata Shakur from FBI Most Wanted to Leftist Idol

Let’s talk about Assata Shakur. She briefly joined the Black Panther Party and, rejecting her “slave name,” adopted the name Assata Shakur. She then joined the Black Liberation Army, an offshoot of the Black Panthers which led an armed struggle against the U.S. government through tactics such as holding up banks and killing police officers and drug dealers. Between 1973 and 1977, she was charged with murder, attempted murder, armed robbery, bank robbery, and kidnapping in relation to six other incidents.

She was acquitted on three of the charges and three were dismissed. Is she being defamed or decried as a Terrorist? Hardly.. She’s being honored by photos, pictures and murals on College campuses across America even though she’s on the FBI’s Most wanted list as well as Interpol.

Dismantling History

The list my friends, goes on and on. So with all this frakow and indignant outrage, calling for the dismantling of American History and its sites, I say enough is enough!!! If you’re going to take down statues that “ offend your overly sensitive sensibilities” I say go all out.

Remove the Confederacy monuments… BUT…. DON”T STOP THERE…. Remove the Union’s Monuments since a main factor of the Civil war was slavery, remove those monuments as well.


History is in the past, embrace it and learn from it as a whole, or destroy it all like ISIS’s excuses of Sectarianism and Salafi law that’s done in the name of rewriting and erasing history that predates Islam.  They set the historical narrative to whatever they ( the implementors of said actions) to write whatever history THEY choose, even if it’s built on lies and falsehood.

And while we’re at it, we can erase all the other losing sides of conflicts as well. The Native Americans lost, so blow up the Crazy Horse Monument and all other Indigenous heritage sites as you destroy Robert E. Lee’s monument.

I can trace my roots in this Country farther back than most. I still have family living on Reservations. I’m DIRECT descendant of the Abolitionist John Brown (yes, THE John Brown who led the attack on the Harper’s Ferry Armory…)

I have forefathers who go back to the American Revolution, and fought on BOTH sides of the Civil War. And because of all this, to me History in ALL its glory and gory must be held sacred – and as a whole.

People are fools and puppets to their stupidity. If you’re going to target somebody’s ancestors monument or grave sites, then the same can be done to your forefather’s resting places and monuments as well.  History is, has been and ALWAYS WILL BE, a messy affair.

NO GROUPS have the right to “sterilize” history they don’t like. All that leads to are lies and falsehoods that will in time come back and bite the hand that tries to wipe it from the books when you least expect it.

And I expect that the continuing assault on American History by radical groups will, in fact, be what drives our great nation into another, even more bloody and brutal internal Civil War. The Civil War MkII

Featured Pic- a Civil War monument removed in New Orleans

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