Erasing Confederate Monuments in Louisiana

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The city of New Orleans, Louisiana used the dead of night to start removing the first of 4 Confederate Monuments that they wanted to erase from our memories. The first to go was a memorial to racist Democrats.  They are erasing history as fast as they can.

City officials reportedly received death threats and  protests over removing the monuments. Vigils were held by some of them. But the city received court approval to remove them so they are doing that. The Mayor called the monuments a”nuisance.” The first to go was the “Liberty Monument.”

The Battle of Liberty Place

The memorial  was created from the “Battle of Liberty Place,” which was an attempted insurrection by the Crescent City White League against the Reconstruction Louisiana state government on September 14, 1874, in New Orleans.

The “White League” was a paramilitary arm of the DEMOCRATIC PARTY. Five thousand of them attacked New Orleans and held the statehouse, armory, and downtown area for 3 days. Federal troops arrived and stopped them, and returned the duly elected reconstruction government to its place.

The memorial, called the “Liberty Monument, was put up to commemorate the White League in 1891. In 1932 they added an inscription that promoted white supremacy. In 1974 , the Civil Rights Movement made New Orleans feel uneasy, so they added a new inscription saying that it wasn’t their view anymore.

The final change before the monument came down said this: “In honor of those Americans on both sides who died in the Battle of Liberty Place … A conflict of the past that should teach us lessons for the future.”

And THAT is the point of all monuments from the Civil War… to teach us lessons for the future. Removing them erases the problems of our past so that no one will remember them.

The other monuments to be removed are statues to Robert E Lee, Jefferson Davis, and P.T. Beauregard.  They too will fade from the collective memory in spite of the heritage of many blacks who served FOR the Confederacy. The heritage of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, both black and white, is now erased from New Orleans.

Liberals want to destroy the truth- that the Democrat Party was a racist construct. They don’t want you to know their past, so they work to erase it.


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