Entire Lebanese Government Resigns After Explosion That Levelled Beirut

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As of today, not only the Prime Minister, but the entire cabinet of the Lebanese government has resigned. But will Hezbollah get the boot? The terrorist organization has been deeply embedded in the government there for decades. Hezbollah is backed by Iran.

Public outrage erupted throughout Beirut after the explosion on August 4th. But make no mistake, the issues aren’t just related to the explosion – Lebanon has been sitting on the edge of financial ruin for a long time…and the pandemic added to the problem. Their government has widely been accused of being corrupt and unresponsive to the citizens. The explosion was just the “icing on the cake.”

The concern now is whether the nation will fall into anarchy and total ruin. And who will step into that void. Elections must be held immediately…but who’s running for the offices since the entire government resigned?

As the Prime Minister went on TV to explain what was happening, Joel Rosenberg reported that “protesters” were running into the streets to celebrate. But will there be more chaos or real reform?

“An emergency international donor conference on Sunday raised pledges worth nearly 253 million euros ($298 million) for immediate humanitarian relief. But foreign countries demand transparency over how the aid is used, wary of writing blank cheques to a government perceived by its own people as deeply corrupt. Some are concerned about the influence of Shiite movement Hezbollah, which is designated as a terrorist group by the United States.” Arab News

The death toll from the blast is up to 163, with 6,000 wounded. The United States sent three cargo planes laden with medical supplies. Secretary of Defense Mark Esper stated that “we still don’t know” what caused the massive explosion. Thoughts of everything from the Russians who left Ammonium Nitrate in an abandoned ship at the port to Hezbollah weapons to a bomb have been advanced to explain the blast. Prime Minister Diab stated that the blast was caused by “endemic corruption.” But he took no responsibility for that corruption in his resignation speech.

This could be a great thing if Hezbollah is kicked out. It could be a giant sized Middle East disaster if they aren’t. The demographics of Lebanon are around 36% Maronite Christians, 28% Shi’ite, 28% Sunni, and a small percentage of Druze. We’ll have to wait and see what happens now.

Featured photo: screenshot of Sky News as Hassan Diab, the Lebanese Prime Minister, resigns


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