Engineer Derailed Train in Effort to Hit USNS Mercy

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An Engineer derailed a train on Tuesday in an effort to hit the USNS Mercy ship that was docked at the Port of Los Angeles. He admitted it was a deliberate act because he wanted people to know “what is going on here.” The Pacific Harbor Line train came to a stop about 250 yards from the ship.

ABC7 reported,

Federal prosecutors allege train engineer Eduardo Moreno, 44, of San Pedro intended to hit the ship, saying he thought it was “suspicious” and did not believe “the ship is what they say it’s for.’”

The train crashed into a concrete barrier at the end of the track, smashed through a steel barrier and a chain-link fence, slid through one parking lot and then a second lot filled with gravel and hit a second chain-link fence. It came to rest after passing under a ramp leading to the Vincent Thomas Bridge. The train remained in that position Wednesday.

Authorities say Moreno admitted to crashing the train intentionally, but said he did not plan it out in advance. It is believed that he acted alone.

He allegedly made statements to a CHP officer that included “You only get this chance once. The whole world is watching. I had to. People don’t know what’s going on here. Now they will.”

Officials say video from inside the train’s cab shows Moreno holding a lighted flare during the incident.

The train derailment didn’t hurt anyone, but did cause a hazmat response due to leaking fuel.

Was the Engineer smoking something? Is he mentally ill? Has he been watching CNN? The USNS Mercy is a US Navy hospital ship and was sent to the Port of Los Angeles to take some of the weight off hospitals in the region for non-coronavirus patients. It has 1,000 beds, which are in demand to make room for those who do not have COVID-19.

Moreno’s stunt got him charged with one count of train wrecking, which carries up to a 20 year prison term.

Featured photo: screenshot  of train crash via ABC7


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