Against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

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foreign-and-domestic The enemies of the United States

It’s September 2016, 15 years after the terrorist attacks that took place on 9-11-2001. We previously reported that yesterday in New Jersey, a bomb went off in a trash can at the same time that the ‘Seaside Semper Five Marine Corps Charity 5K’ was set to occur.

Luckily the race had been delayed due to some late entries therefore there were no casualties from the explosion. Local and federal authorities rushed to the scene and found that there were 3 more unexploded bombs.

At 8.30 pm EST an explosion in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan in New York, left around 29 bystanders injured.

Finally in Minnesota a person started attacking people in a mall leaving multiple with stab wounds, before he attacked them witnesses report he asked them if they were Muslims. The enemies are no longer at the gates, the enemies along with the 5th column that supports them are actively engaging in hostilities on the American soil.

Federal agencies are currently investigating the New Jersey and New York incidents for traces of terrorism. Regardless of the outcome we already know that the current administration will decisively and firmly oppose any notions of terrorism. After all, they are devoted with passion in enforcing their agenda.

That agenda includes diversity, equality, tolerance, multiculturalism, peace, love, environmentalism etc. All the lovely childish notions that cultural Marxists believe in, while at the same time lacking all sense of realism.

Terrorism, war, cultural clash and many more very real concepts don’t belong in their agenda therefore are ignored. All people are good and friends and brothers, therefore there are no enemies. All cultures are equally civilized, therefore there can be no cultural clash. Everyone hates war, therefore only peace exists.

In the end it’s going to be up to the ‘deplorables’ to make sure a new administration, fit to deal with the issues mentioned above, is elected. It must be an administration willing to defend the U.S against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

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