End of the British Army?

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End of the British Army?

The “Brexit” is a vote that would remove the United Kingdom from the European Union.  But if they stay in the EU, there may be consequences: it could spell the end of the British Army. Express UK reported that there is a “scandalous” plot afoot to merge Britain’s army with that of the EU… making one “gargantuan” army. It could mean the end of the British Army, an army that has been around for four centuries.


One vast continental army- that’s the plan. And there are  defense research and development programs already in place, ready to merge the armies into the EU, IF the UK votes to stay in… a £3 Billion plan.

Express UK reported,

The plans have been unveiled by bureaucrats who are preparing to revive proposals to draw up a legally binding “white book” which would vastly expand the military role of the EU. 

Britain has by far the biggest and best equipped army in Europe and is to plough some £2.2bn into developing new weapons this year alone. 

But under the new EU plans we could in future be blocked from researching new military technology which would benefit the British Army, instead being forced to plough money into projects for the wider benefit of the whole EU project. 

Brussels bureaucrats are now calling for a “systematic and long-term policy framework” across Europe which would establish “a genuine harmonisation and coordination of operational and military requirements”. 

The bombshell proposal adds new laws should force member states to “fight off the temptation to add national specifications” to weapons development projects. 

Let’s be blunt: the EU wants to become a world military power of their own. That’s the bottom line. And they want ONLY to have spending on their plan, not for individual armies.

“The Greater Good”

For example, if say, Austria wanted to spend a few million dollars (Euros) on their individual military to better prepare them, they would be restricted from doing so.  It’s a question of spending for the “greater good.”

Instead of soldiers swearing allegiance to the Crown (now Queen Elizabeth II), they will likely have to swear allegiance to Brussels. The British Union Jack would likely be replaced by the EU flag on Army uniforms.

british army

Will Britain’s 400 year old army be lost?

“Scandalous” plans

Members of the UK are divided over the possibility of leaving the European Union.  They will vote on June 23 on whether to remain a part of the EU.

Issues of Trade – with free and open borders it’s easier to conduct business, which opens up jobs, but if they get out, it would increase their economic independence because the Pound Sterling would begin to grow again, according to the experts. A British Exit from the EU would make fighting “terror harder” according to Rob Wainright, Europol’s Director.

The issue of the British Military being changed has some up in arms. One British RAF veteran is not happy about the idea of giving away English military sovereignty to a large body like the EU.

“There’s only one people who can defend the British, and that’s the British themselves… We’re not safer, we’ve seen barbed wire going up all across Europe, ISIS are coming through Greece and getting into Europe quite easily with no checks whatsoever. .. The world’s the most dangerous it’s been for a hell of a long while and that’s why we need our own army.” Mike Hookem, UKIP (UK Independence Party)


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