Elyria, Ohio – The Kindness of a Stranger for Veterans

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Elyria, Ohio – MSN reported on the kindness of a stranger: Kimberly Baynes spent 9 years in the United States Marine Corps. After her service there, she went on to serve 12 more years in the Naval Reserve, one year of which was in Iraq on active duty. On November 11, she and a table of 8 people were eating lunch at the local Red Lobster Restaurant, when the waitress came over and told her that someone had just picked up her entire tab.

It turned out he picked up the bill for every veteran he could identify as a veteran. And he wanted no recognition for it.

“He probably saw the back of my wheelchair and the Navy emblem…He wanted no recognition whatsoever. We heard he was a construction worker out of North Carolina up here on business. He’s a good man. Whoever you are, thank you for your kindness thank you for appreciating veterans. You feel an overwhelming love from someone willing to just give to a stranger for no apparent reason.”

Kimberly paid a steep price for her service. She has gulf War Syndrome. She has migraines, walks with a limp, and has muscular issues, but she is ever grateful for the kindness of a stranger.

“It’s for the 90-year-old veterans I see in the hospital. For the junior ROTC I saw in the store. It’s for the kids who are coming. For the brothers and sisters my age that I served with. It’s for the ones who never made it back home. We’re family, happy to protect the extended family at large which is America… 

…We have a lot going on with veterans. Suicide rates are high. A lot of veterans are trying to enter back into the workforce. I really appreciate the kindness of strangers. It’s so simple to be kind. Smile. Open a door. Say please and thank you. People, I think in general are kind. Do a kind thing for someone else. Pass it on.” Kimberly Baynes

Sometimes just a kind word, or a simple thank you helps. Sometimes engaging an older veteran in conversation can go a long way to let them know they are valued.

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