Ellipse Park – Man Sets Himself on Fire Near White House (Take 2)

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An unidentified man set himself on fire at the 52 acre Ellipse Park near the White House just after noon on Wednesday. The Ellipse is just south of the White House fence and north of the National Mall, according to WXYZ. It’s the second time someone has lit himself on fire in the last two months.

Update: the man succumbed to his injuries. He was identified as Arnav Gupta, 33, of Bethesda, Maryland.

Fox reported:

A man who said his daughter witnessed the incident said the person had been running through the park before setting himself ablaze.

“Police and rescue have responded,” Krisjan Berzins tweeted. “They’re closing all surrounding streets right now.”

Berzins also posted a video, which showed a person engulfed in flames.

Warning: graphic video. May be disturbing to some viewers

Secret Service, National Park Service, and US Park Police rushed to render first aid and douse the man with a fire extinguisher. He was transported to a local hospital. His condition is currently unknown.

Last month, another man in a wheelchair attempted to light himself on fire. The incident was caught a tad quicker than this one, but that man was closer to the White House fence. People have used the White House for political statements for as long as the White House has been there. They’ve shot themselves, lit themselves on fire, flown ultralights onto the lawn, jumped the fence, thrown smoke bombs, etc, all in an attempt to …what? As a political statement it’s stupid and does nothing. Such ridiculous actions never do what the person hopes they’ll do. They simply look ignorant for nothing.

Featured photo: underlying photo of Ellipse by Ad Masken. Screenshot of man who lit himself on fire via TMZ.

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