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Elizabeth Warren ends her campaign for President – something that should have occurred after extremely poor showings on Super Tuesday. Warren called her staff to announce her decision.  After a slew of other candidates bailed, her exit from the arena leaves just two candidates: Commie Bernie Sanders and Dementia Comic Joe Biden. She has not yet endorsed a candidate.

“I want all of you to hear it first, and I want you to hear it straight from me: today, I’m suspending our campaign for president. What we have done – and the ideas we have launched into the world, the way we have fought this fight, the relationships we have built – will carry through, carry through for the rest of this election, and the one after that, and the one after that.” Elizabeth Warren

Warren, or “Liewatha” or “Pocahontas” was frequently slammed for her stand on Medicare For All, which would cost the US $32 Trillion. She never revealed an answer for how she would pay for it, although she did mention “taxing the rich” at one point.

Bernie Sanders also pushes that mantra (hint- he doesn’t know how to pay for it either).  As a left wing candidate she and Sanders should have been on the same side, but often fought, with Warren saying that Sanders called her a “liar.” This coming from a woman who claimed to be a Native American when she was not.

Rusty Weiss at Conservative Firing Line reported,

Politico reported in 2012 that Warren “listed herself as a minority law teacher for nearly a decade from 1986 to 1995.”

A Harvard Crimson piece in 1996 described her as Native American, while a Fordham Law Review article in 1997 even described her specifically as a “woman of color.”

On a registration form for the State Bar of Texas, Warren described herself as “American Indian.”

For decades, she did nothing to correct the claims and in fact, used them to her advantage time and again.

Despite her more recent attempts to clean up the mess she created for herself due to a presidential campaign, the Native Americans who wrote the letter note that Warren’s apologies have been “vague and inadequate.”

When she released the results of a DNA test that proved she lied (you remember, the 1/1024th Native American result), she tried to apologize but obviously fell short.

Though some of her colleagues and candidates praised her for “hard work” for Americans, her socialist actions and political stance fell far short of really helping the average person. She fell from front runner status early last year to dropping out.

She has not endorsed a candidate, saying that she wants to “evaluate” who can best push her agenda. After animosity with Sanders, it remains to be seen whether she will go with him. Her political beliefs and Biden’s are strongly different.

So as Pocahontas rides off on her pony, we say bye bye.

Featured photo: Screenshot via USA Today


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