Eleven Year Old “Drag Kid” Performs in Bar

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Desmond Napoles is just eleven years old and calls himself a “drag kid.” The LBTQ community celebrates him, gives him awards, and has literally thrown him into the limelight as an icon for their agenda. The problem? His performance at a gay bar called 3 Dollar Bill was illegal and nobody seems to care. And the parent’s excuses are ridiculous.

He was dancing at a gay bar On December 1 while adult men leered and threw money at him. While Desmond believes he is an “advocate” for gay rights, he is really being exploited as a sex object for pedophiles.

“It is really amazing being in the spotlight because I get so much support and I’m an inspiration to so many people, which is one of my number one goals. I like all the fame, and helping the LGBT community fight for our rights.” Desmond Napales

This is the New York State Code against what he was doing:

“S 263.05: A person is guilty of the use of a child in a sexual performance if knowing the character and content thereof he employs, authorizes or induces a child less than seventeen years of age to engage in a sexual performance or being a parent, legal guardian or custodian of such child, he consents to the participation by the child in a sexual performance. USE OF A CHILD IN A SEXUAL PERFORMANCE IS A CLASS C FELONY.”

The parents have “moved past” their misgivings. So it must be ok, right?  Not according to New York State Law.

From his website –  Desmond is Amazing

At age six, Desmond expressed boundless joy when he received an Elsa costume from Disney’s movie “Frozen” for Halloween. After that, he often asked for princess costumes or dresses while out shopping. Soon, he often wanted to wear his dresses outside of the home. Initially uncertain if they were making the right decision for allowing him to do so, Desmond’s parents quickly and fortunately realized that the source of their uneasiness came not from Desmond’s personal choices, but from their own misgivings about how the outside world would react. It was as simple as defeating those feelings, accepting Desmond as he is, and respecting Desmond’s own tastes and preferences.

Desmond’s parents also consulted a therapist who said the best thing to do would be to neither discourage, nor encourage, but rather to allow Desmond to develop naturally.  Therefore, rather than ostracize, punish, or shame him, force him to play with certain toys, or restrict him to boys only costumes and clothing while playing dress up, Desmond’s parents allowed him to inherently progress, explore, and choose his tastes in clothing, toys, and activities on his own.  He had developed his gender identity as non-conforming, or gender fluid, as a young child. He is not, nor has the desire to become, transgender. From early on, he has said that he is a boy who enjoys dressing up as a girl.

Over the years, most authorities remind parents not to just be “best friends” with your child because it may lead them the wrong direction. He’s now become famous, accepted, touted by the news media, and is a big name. But his future…what do you think?

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