Electoral College- What Would Happen Without It?

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SO thousands of liberals now want to re-write our Constitution now that they were crushed fairly (except for the millions of illegal votes cast on their behalf) and squarely (except for the bias of the Mainstream Media, #BoycottCNN). In the wake of their world shattering defeat our most politically astute thinkers are now calling for the Electoral College to be abolished.

The need for the Electoral College

This astounding stupidity has even spread to the halls of Congress where the noted constitutional scholar Barbara Boxer has called for a law to do exactly that, end one of the cornerstones of our Republic. Her law has no chance of passing since it would actually take a constitutional amendment to do away with the Electoral College, but they don’t call them California Dreamers for nothing.

The Electoral College has been in place for over two hundred years and has served our nation well. The orderly transfer of power from one election to the next is truly an anomaly in world history. It was originally written into the Constitution as a compromise among the Founding Fathers to ensure that larger states wouldn’t dominate the smaller ones. It was the spirit of compromise and fairness that won the day, something we all thought liberals relished…



Civics? What’s that?

In any event, given that our younger generations lack fundamental understanding of civics, government, or the Constitution, the irony of their calling for the elimination of one of the Constitutions fundamental protections of that fairness is priceless. 

Since it seems that the latest round of paid Anarchist protestors burning our cities, blocking traffic and assaulting the police is mostly comprised of college adults (they aren’t “kids”) who don’t understand how the Electoral College works, I thought I would help them out with a simple college level analogy:

Since the left is crying about the popular vote not being the deciding factor in our election, let’s apply their logic to electing the college class president. That’ll make it easy for all the snowflakes who never bothered to take civics to understand.

How it works:

So in our hypothetical Utopia the sports teams decided to vote for the captain of the football team. The art club, the robotics club, the chess club, the dance club, the math team, the debate team and the science club all voted for the captain of the debate team but too bad, so sad they don’t have the numbers (and never will).

So the athletes *GASP* #rapeculture #misogyny #homophobia (except Milo) #whiteprivledge #Islamaphobia #antiillegalimmigrants #BLM #weareallillegal  – WHEW… effectively pick the class president and run the school in perpetuity because the small clubs without the numbers can’t overcome the numbers of athlete’s. The small clubs have NO SAY in the governing of the institution, ever.

But hey the popular vote is the way to run the country right? #harambelives

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