Electioneering at Pittsburgh Polling Station

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The Mt Washington Senior Center is a local Pittsburgh polling station in the Mt Washington neighborhood. The Gateway Pundit reported that they appear to have violated Pennsylvania election laws by placing a sign that says “Vote Straight Democrat” on the front door of the facility. And they didn’t seem to care that they did it. After an uproar, the sign was removed.

Carpe Donktum is known for clever memes and videos, but he stated this was not one of those.

The video revealing the sign was sent to popular internet figure Carpe Donktum, who tweeted: “THIS IS ELECTION TAMPERING. I was sent this video by a friend who wishes to remain anonymous, I have blurred the reflections to obscure their identity. The attendant told this person “Don’t go making a fool of yourself”, after they complained… THIS MUST GO VIRAL.”

When his friend complained to those in charge of the polling station, the person remarked “Don’t go making a fool of yourself.” The video reveals that the workers appear to know who did it, and simply don’t care.

Don’t go making a fool of yourself? What about the flagrant violation of the law in Pennsylvania?  It’s ILLEGAL. It’s election tampering.

Here are a few reactions to his tweet:

Hope they get reported and at least fined…at best jailed!

Contact WNEP TV News Station and the local Police. This is illegal.

At least there’s not a separate line for dead people.

it isn’t ok for ANYONE……..they will get in trouble….we have people.all over the nation watching….Dems only win if they CHEAT. [typos corrected]

Democrats do not care about breaking our laws.

It appears from the responses that numerous people called the Senior Center and demanded the sign be taken down. Others sent the videos to local news stations. The sign was eventually removed.

There were some trolls responding to his tweet, but Carpe Donktum just told them he loved them and moved on. Classy.

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