Election Polls: Should You Believe Them? NO!

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If you listen to Mainstream media election polls, Hillary is tromping Donald Trump. If you listen to other polls, Trump is ahead. In others it’s neck and neck. So who do you believe? You should keep your mind on the goal, not on the poll.

Polls conflict based on bias

As we have reported previously, the Democrats and their cronies have used “over-sampling” to prepare their poll results. In other words, they sample from mostly Democrats, which leads to skewed results.

Are any of the polls out there statistically sound? Let’s look:

This one shows Trump opening a big lead – but it’s only for certain issues: Investors.com

This Bloomberg Poll shows Clinton ahead by 3 points.

This LA Times poll from USC shows Trump leading by 5 points.

Here’s one published by Breitbart from Investor’s Business Daily that also shows Trump leading by two points.

The difficulty is that ALL of the polls are within the margin of error statistically. The problem with having the numbers that  close is that information becomes easily biased and slanted in one direction or another.

Go vote tomorrow with the future of America on your mind!


This election is issue-driven. For most of us, the issues are pretty black and white against Hillary’s political corruption. But for many in the country, they see an outsider in Trump who doesn’t live in the cesspool that Washington has become…and it worries them because they think he won’t know how to handle the international game of diplomacy.

But how has Hillary handled it? Poorly with disastrous results. Russia thinks she’ll cause WWIII. Libya descended into chaos thanks to her meddling and it got 4 Americans killed.  Her agenda is as  close to Obama’s as it can possibly be.

Obama, in an interview  with Al Sharpton on Sunday morning said this as reported by the Daily Caller:

“President Obama told MSNBC’s Al Sharpton that the “main thing” he’s been telling Americans is to just shut up and vote for Hillary Clinton, no matter how uninspiring they may find her…

POTUS added that “everything” he has accomplished in office “will be sustained and built on with a Hillary Clinton presidency.”

Instead of poll watching driving your thoughts, pay more attention to the corruption being exposed.





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