Election Fraud Evidence: Rudy Guiliani, Sidney Powell, Jenna Ellis News Conference

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In a Press Conference Thursday, attorneys Rudy Guiliani, Sidney Powell, and Jenna Ellis revealed some of the election fraud evidence in the 2020 Elections. Their statements were “overviews” and  precursors to the actual cases that will be tried in court. One network removed the video as Rudy Guiliani was speaking- whether that was Yahoo News or YouTube is unknown. But the full briefing was contained on C-Span.

As Rudy Guiliani was speaking about the Election fraud evidence, the video live stream was abruptly removed. Censorhip in plain sight.

You only need to look at the amount of collusion between leftist media in silencing Conservative voices to understand what has happened in 2020. Guiliani also stated that some members of the Trump legal team have been harrassed and threatened for joining the effort.(Epoch Times) And with some of those attorneys, never assume that their dogs are the only “security” they have.

Election Fraud Evidence

Rudy Guiliani went over the high number of sworn affidavits that reveal underhanded attempts to sway the election to Biden. There are hundreds of people who have sworn on penalty of perjury that illegal actions were taken in the counting of ballots.

“We have 17,000 provisional ballots cast in Pittsburgh. Do you know what a provisional ballot is? Provisional ballot usually happens this way in 15 of the 17,000 happened this way. You walk in and you say I’m here to vote today. Oh, Mr Giuliani, you already voted. I did? I don’t remember voting. Oh, yes, yes. You cast an absentee ballot.

No, I didn’t. Yes, you did. No, I didn’t. Yes, you did. So why does that happen 17,000 times in Pittsburgh? People walked in thinking — actually 15,000 to be precise. Why did it happen 15,000 times that people in Pittsburgh walked in to vote and they this already voted according to the democrat election machine. Did they forget? That many people with bad memories in Pittsburgh? Or is the following correct? As witnesses will testify, they were instructed by democrat bosses when they had a ballot in which there was no one registered, just assign it to somebody. Just assign it to Rudy Giuliani. Maybe Rudy Giuliani won’t show up to vote. If he does show up to vote, we’ll give him a provisional ballot.” Rudy Giuliani

And that doesn’t count the 50-60 witnesses who have also filed affidavits revealing they were not allowed to watch during the counting in Pennsylvania. There were 200+ affidavits for everything from being told to backdate ballots that came in late, to hearing ballots counted for Biden that were actually for Trump. Guiliani laid into the Press hard for them always saying there’s “no evidence of voter fraud.”

“But you can’t say there’s no evidence. This is what we call evidence. This is direct evidence, not circumstantial. I tried many, many cases as did my colleagues here. You put a witness on the witness stand, the witness testifies to their own knowledge. This witness went on the witness stand and she will say, ‘I was told to adjust the date on the absentee ballots. I witnessed election workers and employees going over to the voting booth with voters in order to watch them vote and coach them for whom to vote.’ Completely illegal.” Rudy Guiliani

None of that counts the voting machine fiasco with Dominion, and Smartmatic, as Sidney Powell revealed the backstory with the outsourcing of American votes. We have previously reported on this:

“What we are really dealing with and uncovering more by the day is the massive influence of communist money through Venezuela, Cuba, and likely China and the interference with our elections here in the United States. The Dominion voting systems, Smart-matic technology software and software that goes in other computerized voting systems as well, not just dominion, were created in Venezuela at the direction of Hugo Chavez to make sure he never lost an election after one constitutional referendum came out the way he did not want it to come out.” Sidney Powell

Trump campaign Senior Legal Adviser Jenny Ellis tore into the news media, telling them that their egregious lack of reporting on this voter fraud has harmed America.

“I’d like to explain now where we’ve been and where we’re at and what you can expect from the process. So what you have heard in the fake newspapers tomorrow will be one of two things. Either there was not sufficient evidence that we’ve presented or we speak too long. Okay. So what you’ve heard now is basically an opening statement. This is what you can expect to see when we get to court, to actually have a full trial on the merits. To actually show this evidence in court. And prove our case. This is not a “law & order” episode where everything is neatly wrapped up in 60 minutes. For those of you who are here in this room or tune out in other networks, clearly, you’ve never been court reporters. Trials take time. Putting on evidence takes time. This is basically an opening statement so the American people can understand what the networks have been hiding and what they refuse to cover because all of your fake news headlines are dancing around the merits of this case and are trying to delegitimize what we’re doing here. Let me be very clear that our objective is to preserve election integrity. President Trump has been saying from day one this is about maintaining free and fair elections” Jenna Ellis


Featured photo: Screenshot via Yahoo News before the video was removed


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