Election 2020: Communism/Socialism, Love vs Dark Hearts of Evil

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There is a clear divide in Election 2020. It’s between the left with their dark hearts that believe America is evil to its core, and those who love America, who believe in the hope of a future of freedom and life. The left is into massive control over your lives as in Communism, and the MAGA crowd wants less government sticking their noses into everything. But we are in the fight of our lives, America, make no mistake.

__Biden has been shown to be about as corrupt a politician as Hillary. He denies everything and continues his campaign knowing that the deep state will never indict him even with the mountain of evidence already verified.

__ Harris has openly touted “everyone starting from the same place” which is a Communist talking point. She says she wants full open borders,  to shut down private detention centers, and allow DACA on day 1 (Breitbart). She is urging ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS to vote for Joe Biden. She has mentioned assault weapons bans within 100 days of her term. Oh, and about that…Biden truly is “too old and fragile” to be President (to use the words of the Post-Gazette after endorsing Trump). She’d have him committed as quickly as she got the opportunity.

The Epoch Times reported,

Recently, the concept of socialism has become increasingly popular in the United States. Socialism is the initial stage of communism. As Vladimir Lenin stated, “The goal of socialism is communism.”

Communism is antithetical to traditional culture; it degrades and divides humanity. For every country in the world that has followed its path, despair has followed.

The most prominent communist party in the world today is the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

It teaches atheism, materialism, and a philosophy of struggle. While traditional culture uplifts humanity by pointing toward God, communism denies divinity. Instead, it reduces human beings to their atoms, providing no basis for unity or morality.

Individuals are taught to be in a constant state of “struggle,” a war of all against all, to seek the approval of an all-powerful state. With the help of Western technology companies, the CCP has developed an unprecedented ability to monitor individuals, giving it the ability to exercise control over minute details of their daily lives.

The Chinese Pandemic gave the leftists the perfect excuse to exercise control over the populace. Even now, Michigan’s governor Gretchen Whitmer cinched down her power over the people of her state even tighter in spite of a state Supreme Court ruling that state her edicts were unconstitutional (Fox). Gov Cuomo in New York has also tightened his grip on the state, by requiring COVID tests of every person from every state. We’ve all heard about the spikes. Some have been experiencing them. But it’s also an excuse to destroy personal liberties. The Democrats love control and power. It’s their idol.

The Democrats and leftists have been living in their dark hearts of hate now since President Trump was elected. They fail to see the true lessons of our history, the positive, wonderful lessons that have been written out of our history books.

Daniel Greenfield wrote:

America has had its dark hours, but it rose, grew, and thrived because our drive to build was stronger than our drive to destroy. That is why we came out of every war, no matter how devastating, stronger than ever as long as we believed in the future. When the time came that we no longer believed, even the lightest wars became hopeless affairs we couldn’t recover from.

The Democrats are still caught in that hopeless hate. They have nothing to love. The past is evil. History is a morass of crimes. The nation was stolen through genocide and built on slavery. Every historical hero is soon exposed as a monster. And the future holds more of the same.

The oceans are rising. Global warming will soon turn the parts of the world that aren’t underwater into desert. Mankind and all life on the planet is on the verge of extinction. And human greed is to blame. Wouldn’t it be better if the human race does indeed disappear?

Republicans have a nation and a storied history to love. The heroes of the nation are at their backs. And the future is one of promise or plenty, not misery and extinction. All they have to do is claim it. Hate is strong, but love, when it taps into the wellsprings of nationhood, family, and faith, is far stronger. Rage is powerful, but hollow. It is no match for the great love of a nation.

And we do love our country! It’s worth loving, worth fighting for. For the sake of all Americans, #VoteRed.
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  • denise

    Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts about the madness behind the 2020 Election. Now that the election has been handed over to Biden – I hope you will continue to share your thoughts about what the democrats have done to steal the election and trash President Trump. I hope your writings might bring about some super support for President Trumps difficult, if not impossible mission to expose the powers that be, for the lying, cheating, etc. etc. that they are.

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