El Rancho Teacher Who Hates Military Under Investigation- Removed from Classroom and Council Position

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Gregory Salcido, the El Rancho teacher who went on an anti-military rant and berated two of his students for wanting to join the Marines, has been placed on administrative leave at the school and his position on the city council while he’s under investigation. The fallout from his remarks has been far-reaching.

We first reported this on January 27: El Rancho High School – Students Wearing Marine Corps Shirts Bullied by Teacher.  Since then, the Facebook post containing the student’s videos went viral, even reaching to the Pentagon, who issued a statement saying that the teacher was “very uninformed.”

Remember this?

“Think about the people who you know who are over there. Your freaking stupid Uncle Louie or whatever. They’re dumbs‑‑‑s. They’re not like high-level thinkers, they’re not academic people, they’re not intellectual people. They’re the lowest of our low.” Gregory Salcido

Salcido was on the Pico Rivera city council, but has been removed from all committee assignments. He is even a former Mayor of the city.

“We, the elected governing body of the City of Pico Rivera, unequivocally disagree and condemn the recent comments made by Councilmember Salcido regarding those individuals who have served or are currently serving in our nation’s military…The City Council and residents of Pico Rivera are steadfast in the recognition that the contributions by those who have served or are currently serving our country via military service are respected and we are grateful for their service.” Mayor Gustavo Camacho

We spoke with 17 year old Victor Quiñonez with the permission of his mother when we wrote the original article. He had asked us not to use his name, but it has since been released by other news media.  He came under verbal attack from his own classmates for the situation as the anti-military crowd tried to punish him for his remarks.

Some messages passed between classmates said that even his little brother would be  in trouble:


Victor should do very well in the Marine Corps, having had to stand up for himself in the midst of this mess.

Of course, the teacher felt attacked as well:

Salcido did not grant any interviews but texted this: “Based on the many hateful, vulgar, and violent threats being made against me and my family, my priority is the emotional and physical health of my wife and son.”

Note the poster on Salcido’s school room wall. Any problems with that? Che Guevara as we’ve talked about before was NOT  a”freedom fighter.” He was a Communist murderer along with Fidel Castro in Cuba.

Police have stepped up patrols around Salcido’s home as well as Victor’s home.

The school has received hundreds of calls from all over the nation, according to the Whittier Daily News. For now, Salcido’s class has been taken over by another teacher “for the forseeable future.” The school has stated emphatically that they will not base their investigation solely on a Facebook post.

February 6 and February 13 are the next school board meetings and large crowds are anticipated.


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