El Rancho High School – Students Wearing Marine Corps Shirts Bullied by Teacher

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Gregory Salcido, a teacher at El Rancho High School in Pico Rivera, California, attempted to bully two members of his US. Government class because they were wearing a Marine Corps sweater and sweatshirt. We spoke to one of them on Saturday, Jan 27, to find out what transpired.

The videos were recorded on January 19.

We are not using the student’s name in case of repercussions from either the school or the teacher.

The young man wearing one of the items tried to be careful about letting the teacher see what he was wearing after the rants started, but he had to turn in a paper. The teacher saw it saw it and the ranting got worse. Salcido began berating the student in front of the class, using expletives to describe his opinion of the military.

Gregory Salcido’s rants were so inappropriate that it’s a wonder he’s still employed at all. You can hear in one video that he starts in against the military by calling them “dumbsh**s” and that they aren’t “high level thinkers” and are the “lowest of the low.” “We haven’t been able to beat these guys wearing friggin’ robes… We don’t have a good military.”

Students in the background laughed.

He continued. “You join the military because you have no other options.” As he berated  a student for wanting to join the military, saying “Somebody’s gonna tell you when to get up, when you can eat, when you can crap… why would anyone ever sign up for that?” He continued with his diatribe, saying things like “you’re gonna be desperate and you’re gonna need to jump out a window because you have no other options.”

Is he trying to cause his students to commit suicide over their life choices?

“I don’t understand why they let these friggin military recruiters come into this school. We don’t let pimps come into the school. They’re just going to lie to you…” He even compared recruiters to whores.

The student told us that this particular teacher has run down students’ religion as well, but nobody complained about it.

He told us that for other students who are going through this kind of liberal attack,

“Stand up for what’s right, for what you believe in. Don’t be scared. I was scared at first too. But people right now don’t want to listen. Just stand up for what you believe in.”

The student we spoke to comes from a Marine Corps family, and his desire is to join the Corps like his Dad, brothers, and uncles. He switched out of the liberal teacher’s class so that he could complete his high school requirements for graduation in relative peace. It is this young man’s right to follow the career path he choses, without the intimidation of opinionated lefist teachers like Gregory Salcido.

For information, Salcido was once placed on administrative leave in May 2012 for smacking the back of a student’s head and demanding that he get the **** out of his class. He was also under scrutiny for racial remarks in 2010. Bullying, berating students for any reason is unacceptable.

The original Facebook post about the rants includes emails for the El Rancho Unified School board.

 El Rancho High School once had a Marine Corps Junior ROTC program (MCJROTC). The last post on their facebook page was 2012.

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  • Larry Melton

    Some of us DID it first, Retired from doing it, and then became Teachers. If you DID it for a couple of years or so, got out, and started driving a truck, for example, don’t waste you breath on those of us who can DO both. Teachers are made, but I like to think that Service time is a valuable step in that process. Most Teachers I’ve met would pee themselves if they had to do just a few of the things we did…

  • Penny

    Hey-don’t limo all teachers in with this liberal idiot. I taught for 30 years, my dad was a Marine during the Korean War-I’m conservative. I had to listen to this liberal bs all the time. So glad I’m retired now and don’t have to.

    • Penny

      That was supposed to say don’t lump all teachers….autocorrect, 🙄

      • Faye Higbee

        lol we know that al teachers aren’t jerks. There are some really awesome ones- like you!

  • Betty Ostergard

    such a shame to have some one like this in the schools ..they should take his pension and fire him ..they say oh no bulling go on in schools how can someone like him still have a job. He has freedom of speech but so do I (with freedom of speech comes responsibility and accountability poor little idiot

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