El Chapo’s Copter Killer Gun from Fast and Furious (video)

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El Chapo’s Copter Killer Gun from Fast and Furious

When Mexican Marines raided Sinaloa Drug Cartel Leader El Chapo’s hideout in Los Mochis on Jan 8, they found eight weapons. Two of those weapons were  .50 caliber rifles, capable of shooting down a helicopter…and one of them came from the ATF gun-running scheme known as “Fast and Furious.”

Five of El Chapo’s men were killed in the raid, and one Mexican Marine wounded. (See firefight video below).

 el chapo's copter killer

El Chapo’s stash of weapons – the one with the bipod is the .50 cal

Helicopters were fair game

For the notorious drug cartel leader El Chapo Guzman, government helicopters snooping around his hideout were fair game. He reportedly stationed lookouts on the hills surrounding his hideout. If a helicopter got too close, the job of the lookout was to shoot it down. The .50 Cal.  guns are one of the few rifles capable of doing that.

Fast and Furious

When the serial numbers were run on the weapons, one of them was found to be part of the ATF scheme.  The agency planned to track 2,000 guns sold to cartels  to see where they ended up. But they lost track of 1,400 of them during the operation.

One of guns from Fast and Furious killed Border Patrol Agent and Marine veteran Brian Terry in 2010. The scheme backfired and resulted in the loss of life not just for Agent Terry, but others in cartel violence. There were 34 – .50 Caliber rifles in the Fast and Furious operation. Heavy firepower for playing a game of track-the-drug-dealer that failed miserably. Eric Holder was held in contempt of Congress for that fiasco, but no one did anything to him.

More investigation to come

Law Enforcement officials are back-tracking all of the weapons at Guzman’s hideout to see how many more of them came from the United States.

He had exchanged “romantic” texts with a Mexican actress, Kate del Castillo, which authorities were able to track.

A Mexican Marine forces Guzman to face the media- Screenshot

The pictures of his arrest show a stoic, unbothered Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman. Mexican authorities are doing their level best to keep him from escaping again. But he is slippery, and he’s probably already planning his next move.

Since he escaped from Mexico’s highest security jail (Altiplano) in July, El Chapo is now being shuffled from cell to cell to minimize his ability to dig another escape tunnel. The prison is now guarded by tanks. The process of his extradition to the United States could take months, if not longer. Will he still be there when that process is complete? We’re not holding our breath.

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