Eiffel Tower Closed as Man Attempts to Climb It

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An unidentified man began climbing the Eiffel Tower on Monday. The tower has stringent security, but the man managed to pay, bypass the security, and begin climbing at the second level. He got to just below the observation deck when police and firefighters came to rescue him. He was arrested after long hours of negotiations.

Traffic on the street below was halted, and the tower was evacuated. climbing specialists were brought in as the man climbed around 900 feet into the tower. Without a harness, which made for a dangerous situation.

Eventually, negotiators were able to rescue the man, and arrested him. But the incident lasted almost 7 hours, with the man finally nabbed shortly before nightfall.

Parisians celebrated the 130th Anniversary of the Eiffel Tower on May 15, 2019. They put on a special light show at the tower. Because this landmark is such a powerful statement of Paris, there has been stringent security on it for decades. Officials stated the Tower will reopen on Tuesday at 9:30 a.m.

It is unclear how the man managed to get past that security and begin climbing the outside girders. The destruction of the Notre Dame Cathedral was a bad enough blow to Paris. Should anything happen to the Eiffel Tower, it would devastate the entire population.

All photos screenshots via Twitter: Blue Eiffel Tower via ABC News, man climbing via Today

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