Egypt: Elderly Christian Woman Beaten, Stripped, Paraded through Streets by Muslim Mob

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Egypt: Elderly Christian Woman Beaten, Stripped, Paraded through Streets by Muslim Mob


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Another Glorious Moment for the “Religion of Peace”

A 70-year old Christian woman was dragged from her home, insulted, beaten, stripped naked of her clothing and was paraded through the streets by a mob of approximately 300 Muslim men. The vicious attack took place at around 8:00PM on May 20th, after rumors had circulated that the woman’s son had been in a relationship with a Muslim woman – an act which is seen as highly blasphemous by Muslims.

A Christian woman may only have a relationship with a Muslim man if she converts to Islam; a Muslim man, however, is allowed to have a relationship with a Christian woman without facing repercussions. Remember, only about 10% of Egypt’s population is Coptic Christian, leaving the remainder predominately Islamic.

Minya Province- the mob from hell

The incident took place in the village of Karam located in the Minya province, about 150 miles south of Cairo. Reportedly, it took local law enforcement about two hours to respond to the attack, allowing the mob time to disperse.

As the mob paraded this woman through the streets, they chanted “Allahu Akbar” (meaning “the God is the Greatest”) and “we must drive out the infidels.” They also torched several homes belonging to Christian families, and were firing their guns into the air.


Screenshot of woman who says she forgives those who dragged her naked through the streets. She asks that no one interview her.

Egyptian President to Take Action

The Washington Post reported:

“President Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi called for the culprits to be held accountable and gave the military a month to restore property damaged during the violence, at no cost to the owners. In a statement issued Thursday by his office, el-Sissi said Egypt appreciates the role of ‘glorious Egyptian women’ and that ‘the rights and the protection of their dignity are a humanitarian and patriotic commitment before being a legal and constitutional one’. […] The woman reported the incident to the police five days later, said Anba Makarios, Minya’s top Christian cleric, adding that she had initially found it too difficult to ‘swallow the humiliation’ she suffered and go to the police.”

Egyptian authorities have arrested six men involved in the attack and are currently hunting a dozen more. Here is the video of the attack:

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