Durham Investigation Won’t Be Ready Before Election – Politics Wins Again

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Attorney General Barr told Republicans on Capitol Hill yesterday that the anticipated results of the John Durham investigation won’t be ready until after the election. The revelation infuriated the President, and set back any hope of possible further indictments stemming from the Durham probe.  So far there’s only been one charge against a low level player. Has the political agenda won out again?

The New York Post wrote:

“Connecticut US Attorney John Durham is not expected to release the findings of his review of the FBI’s Russia probe until after the Nov. 3 election — a bitter disappointment to Republicans who believe revelations in a report would galvanize support for President Trump.

Attorney General William Barr has communicated the news to Republicans on Capitol Hill, dashing hopes of a bombshell report that validates Trump’s contention he was smeared as a Russian colluder by “dirty cops” and powerful Democrats.

A Trump administration source told The Post that “if there’s a chance people can be prosecuted, we can’t put out a report before [that happens].”

The administration source said there remains the possibility of additional indictments. In August, Durham announced former FBI lawyer Kevin Clinesmith would plead guilty to falsifying records to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court.”

Are they ‘slow-walking’ the report? After the declassification of all the paperwork, hand written notes, and disclosures about Hillary, Brennan, Biden, Comey, and others, the lack of accountability to those who perpetrated the attempted coup seems to be terrible. Barr said previously that the report is a by-product, not the goal – the goal is reportedly indictments. Durham reportedly has a reputation for taking his time on investigations.

But if the report- or any further indictments are left until after the election, it tells us that there won’t likely be any more of them. In other words, they can’t prove anything on the players in spite of the handwriting, the statements, the lies and obfuscation of the Democrats.

“These people should be indicted. This was the greatest political crime in the history of our country and that includes Obama and it includes Biden.” President Trump

Featured photo: screenshots of AG Barr and CT US Attorney John Durham


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