Ducking Congress? McCabe Suddenly has a “Scheduling error”

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The FBI’s Deputy Director, Andrew McCabe, suddenly had a “routine scheduling error” and his appearance before the House Intelligence Committee was canceled for Tuesday. The DOJ says they accidentally flipped two witnesses. Rep Devin Nunes has secured a deal to reschedule him for December 19.

But not everyone believes the FBI’s statement that it was an error, since McCabe would have faced serious questions about recent revelations on the FBI’s connection to Fusion GPS.

Breitbart reported,

McCabe — a witness that the committee has sought for months — would have likely faced questions about the recent revelation that senior Justice Department official Bruce Ohr’s wife Nellie Ohr was paid by Fusion GPS during the summer and fall of 2016.

It’s not clear what Nellie Ohr did for Fusion GPS — the firm that produced the Trump dossier – but an open-source review shows that she has written extensively on Russia.

McCabe also may have faced questions about Ohr’s demotion at the Justice Department last week, just a day before Fox News revealed in a separate report that he had met with the author of the dossier, Christopher Steele, during the 2016 campaign, and with Fusion GPS co-founder Glenn Simpson shortly after the election.

It was previously believed by investigators that Ohr met Simpson through Steele, but the revelation that Ohr’s wife worked for Steele raises questions over that connection.

That’s not counting the questions raised by revelations about Peter Strzok, the high level agent recently demoted to the human resources department after it was learned that he texted anti-Trump messages back and forth with his married lover Lisa Page. Then it was revealed that he was heavily involved with the Clinton email  “investigation” and played a pivotal role in exonerating her from any wrong-doing.

Then there’s the infamous discredited Trump Dossier that was used to start the whole “Russia Collusion” gig. Which is another thing the House wants to know about- how much did that play a part in the FBI actions – considering it was paid for by the Democrats and Clinton.

Not forgetting that Andrew McCabe himself has been under scrutiny for his connections to Clinton, and the thousands of dollars his wife received from a PAC associated with Clinton ally Terry McAuliffe.

But it was just a “routine scheduling error” that caused the cancellation of his testimony, right? These DOJ official were subpeonaed back in AUGUST.  Food for thought.

Featured photo: official photo of Andrew McCabe, deputy director of the FBI.

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