Dry Fire Pro Timer – the New Tool to Help You Master Everyday Weapons Carry

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We have run across a new app from Morgan Timing Systems, LLC that will help you learn how to do weapons manipulations in a more efficient way for defensive shooting. The Dry Fire Pro Timer will help you learn how smoothly you can draw your carry weapon, or how you change out your magazine on the fly and works on your speed. Can you clear your shirt or jacket during the draw? This app will revolutionize your defensive capability and give you an edge – and when defending yourself or others, that edge is imperative.

Ben Morgan, creator of the app, shares this with Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children:

There are so many aspects to defensive shooting that just mastering the fundamentals of marksmanship doesn’t mean you are skilled at carrying a gun for defense. Mastering the marksmanship aspect of everyday carry is a challenge unto itself, but along with that comes weapons manipulations.

The DRY FIRE PRO TIMER from Morgan Timing Systems, LLC is designed to help with weapons manipulations such as magazine changes with two hands, primary hand only and weak hand only, defeating a cover garment and drawing pistol with both hands, primary hand only and weak hand only. Carry positions, inside the waistband, outside the waistband, kydex holsters, leather holsters, appendix carry, 3 o’clock or 6 o’clock carry, pull garment up or sweep it clear, and clearing a t-shirt, a polo, or even a jacket.

It also works with a handheld white light or a weapon mounted light. These are all components of everyday carry and should be practiced continuously (good is never good enough when it comes to saving your own life or the life of a loved one), but unless you have a private range and endless amounts of ammo, it is hard to practice all these things to the point of mastery let alone trying out different ones to see what really works best for you.

Most public ranges don’t allow the shooter to draw the pistol from any holster let alone doing weak hand only draws to simulate drawing the pistol after sustaining an injury. Practicing these type of draw strokes to the point you can habitually do them is very important to giving yourself every advantage possible in a gunfight. Just like battle drills in the military once the decision has been made to go to your gun the actions need to be automatic and the faster you can get that gun into the fight the higher your chance of survival.

For years, the solution to these problems has been simply dry firing the pistol, but the old way of dry firing gave the shooter no feedback and was boring. It simply helped build the neuromotor pathways in the brain that told the muscles how to move (this has been called muscle memory for years, even though our muscles have no memory). There was also no real way to tell how long any of these drills were taking.

It might feel like you are going fast, but that is not the same as actually going fast. Building speed into your movements is not unlike building strength or endurance, and you need to establish a standard, hold yourself to that standard, track your progress and push yourself to go a little faster each workout or dry fire session.

The Morgan Timing Systems DRY FIRE PRO TIMER uses a Bluetooth enabled barrel that swaps out with your factory barrel and synchs with an App on your smartphone (App is called Dry-Fire Pro Timer, available for free on the app store and Google Play). To sync the App and the barrel, you pull the trigger on your pistol sending the signal to the app, click on the window showing the Bluetooth link, and the app is ready to go.

You can push the start button and when the app beeps you draw your pistol or go through a weapons manipulation drill. When you break the trigger, the time between the beep and the trigger break is displayed and recorded in the app. You can continue dry firing this way or go into the settings menu on the app and customize the settings to the situation you have set up.

You have options like distance to target, holster position, holster type, level of concealment, the time between beeps, or a random setting so you don’t know when the beep is going to go off. All these settings are displayed in a matrix showing all the times including your average time and best time. This allows you to compare your times with different setups.

Now, you can cheat this device like any other training aid, but you are only cheating yourself. You have to be honest with yourself and wait until you have an acceptable sight picture before breaking your shot, or as the operators say, “call your shot.” Learning to read your front sights is the key to being accurate and fast. If you break your shot with your sight picture a little to the left, you know the round went a little left.

Range day will be much different once you master defensive shooting skills before you waste ammo. Photo courtesy of Ben Morgan

If it’s inside of 7 yards it’s probably still a decent hit, but you read your sights, you know it was off a little, and you can make a correction before the next shot. People don’t ping like steel and people are not made of paper, so it’s doubtful you’d see the impacts anyway. You don’t want to get in the habit of looking at your target after every shot for the impact.

This device is perfect for working on all your weapons manipulations at home and makes you faster at getting your gun out and into the fight. Use it to see what level you are performing at and then train until you can beat that time by .10 seconds consistently. Then, the next day try to push yourself to beat your new standard by another .10. You will find that just 10-15 minutes a day will have your draw stroke down into the sub 1.5 in just a few weeks.

Once you have mastered that draw stroke, start working on one-handed draw strokes and magazine changes. Establish your baseline and work to be a little faster each time. You are only limited by your imagination with this device. I have used it to work on my draw speed in my car, bedside safe, while walking with my kids and in many other daily situations. I think this is a serious game changer for those of us wanting to get more skill and confidence with our everyday carry pistol.

The DRY FIRE PRO TIMER was created by Ben Morgan, a former government contractor and member of 1st Battalion/75th Ranger Regiment. He owns and runs Morgan Timing Systems, LLC from his home in Colorado while also working as the President of Operations for Kris “Tanto” Paronto’s, Battleline Tactical.

Featured photo: Courtesy of Ben Morgan

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