How to Drive Occupy Ice Protesters Crazy- Use Music

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When the United States went after General Manuel Noriega in Panama back in 1989, a fleet of military Humvees rolled up to the Vatican Embassy where he was holed up, and turned up the music (Guns and Roses, as I recall) and played it on a continous loop until he literally gave up. The “music torture” as some referred to it, was highly effective. ICE used the same tactic against Occupy ICE protesters as they camped outside their offices in Portland Oregon on Sunday. It drove them nuts, according to Blue Lives Matter.

The ICE office played “Easy Street” from the Walking Dead show back in 2016. Zombies, protesters…a fitting choice. The song played continuously for 10 hours on Sunday. Occupy ICE Protesters thought it was “children’s music.” OK, whatever works.

This weekend was triple digits in Portland. Hot, sticky, tents with no Air Conditioning…and constant ever present music. Oh, and don’t forget the floodlights directed at the tents at night.

They whined, they demanded to know why the DHS would allow the torture on “law-abiding protesters.”  (NOT so much).

Yep, you got it right, those are psy-op tactics. Just relax and let all the noise sink right into your troubled liberal brain.

Back on June 28, the ICE office played Metallica’s “Enter Sandman” which has lyrics like “Sleep with one eye open, Gripping your pillow tight”… loudly all night. ALL night. Sort of like being waterboarded with music you hate.

For some reason they didn’t like that either. Also appropriate.

This issue here is that the “occupy” movement leaves a huge stench, lots of poop, garbage, and everything else when they do eventually leave. ICE personnel will have to clean it up. Past time to make them move.

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