Draper City Fire Department and a Stray Dog Named Mendo

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Patrick Cullen is a firefighter with the Draper City Fire Department in Utah. Fox reported that as he and the rest of the team fought the horrific Mendocino Complex blaze in California, Patrick suddenly felt something was watching him.

“I was running the pump at the engine. Kind of hear something or feel something and all you see is a few eyes and I thought, oh, me and a lion mountain. This will be fun.” Patrick

Suddenly what bounded out of the forest wasn’t a mountain lion, but a German Shepherd about 2 years old.

“I could tell he was super tired and he had clearly been out there a long time. He was pretty tired and weak and thirsty. So we gave him a big drink of water and he slept under the engine for the next three hours.” Patrick

The fire crew dubbed the dog “Mendo” after the Mendocino fire.

The crew knew it was too dangerous to keep him there with them, so Patrick handed him off to the Mendocino Animal Shelter along with his card and phone number.

“If by some chance you don’t find anybody, I doubt you won’t, or someone won’t come forward, here’s my number.” Patrick

On August 27, the shelter called Patrick because no one had come forward. Mendo recognized him immediately – a new friendship, and “forever home” was found.

Draper City Fire Department’s Battalion Chief, Matt Burchett, lost his life fighting the Mendocino blaze. They described the German Shepherd as a “silver lining” in an otherwise tragic event. “What a beautiful, friendly, and affectionate dog” is what they wrote on Facebook. But was it “lucky dog” or lucky firefighters?

Did Patrick adopt Mendo, or did Mendo adopt the Draper Valley Fire Department at a time of sorrow?

I hear Angels come in all shapes and sizes, and maybe, just maybe, Mendo could be one of those.

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