Drama at the US Capitol – Terror, Resistance or PMS?

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A woman was observed driving “aggressively” and erratically near the US Capitol on Wednesday, prompting police to attempt a traffic stop. Instead of pulling over, the woman briefly led them on a pursuit. The  woman was arrested after she hit a police car, another vehicle, and attempted to run over two police officers. Police fired three shots at the woman.

Reuters reported:

No one was hurt during the morning commotion, during which police fired shots, and the incident did not appear related to terrorism, Capitol Police spokeswoman Eva Malecki told reporters.

“Although preliminary, this incident appears criminal in nature with no nexus to terrorism,” Malecki said at a news conference…..

The drama near the Capitol began after officers attempted a traffic stop for an erratic driver. The woman made a U-turn and drove away, nearly hitting officers and striking at least one other vehicle, Malecki said.

When police stopped the car after a brief pursuit, they fired shots as they tried to arrest the suspect, Malecki said. She declined to say why officers opened fire, noting the incident remains under investigation.

The woman has not been identified.

In 2013, Capitol police opened fire on a woman inside a vehicle that had a 1 year old child with her. The woman was killed in that incident.

It is unclear why the officers shot in this instance, but recent attacks worldwide by jihadists driving vehicles likely heightened vigilance for possible terror attacks. Capitol police do not believe this incidence is related to terror.

Featured image from Twitter via Fox5 DC

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