Douma, Syria- Chemical Attack Kills at Least 70. US Response Imminent?

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In April of 2017, a chemical attack that killed at least 58 civilians in Syria provoked a strong US response. This weekend, another vicious chemical attack killed at least 70 civilians, including numerous children, and left hundreds to suffocate from the gas. The death toll is expected to rise.

President Trump was angry enough that he mentioned Vladimir Putin by name for Syria, Iran and Russia backing “animal Assad” and vowed a “big price.” For his part, Putin warned that there would be enormous consequences of any US response, and called the chemical attack in Douma a “hoax.” It is unknown exactly what chemical gas was used in the weekend attack.

Last year’s attack in Khan Sheikhoun, prompted an airstrike against the Assad regime’s aircraft. As the death toll grows from this attack, the type of  response could be much stronger. President Trump is scheduled to meet with military leaders on Monday, and Nikki Haley has called for an emergency meeting at the UN.

The attack came just a few days after the President stated that he wanted the US to withdraw the around 2,000 American troops from Syria. But military leaders managed to dissuade him. So he reluctantly said he’d like to leave sooner rather than later, but would not remove troops at this time.

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