Don’t Let the Door Hit You On the Way Out, Clock Boy

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Texas “Clock Boy,” Ahmed Mohamed, is wrapping up his fifteen minutes of fame by leaving the country and moving with his family to Qatar. The decision to move was just decided in the last day or two, according to his family. The move is a win-win for Ahmed and America. Hopefully, we won’t have to hear about him much longer.

President Obama’s wonder boy, Ahmed, would have most likely made enemies if he had stayed since he has clearly developed a complex about his arrest and sees himself as a victim of discrimination.

 clock boy

Ahmed Mohamed at a news conference on Capitol Hill- photo via AFP

Given so much for so little

He has already become an outspoken critic of those the media calls “Islamophobes” and, after being awarded the ‘American Muslim of the Year’ honor from the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), likely would have joined the trouble-making group when he got older. By the way, does he have to give the award back now that he won’t even be finishing out the year as an American Muslim?

It’s hard to remember the last time someone was celebrated so much internationally for having done so little – other than that whole Nobel Peace Prize thing for our president. Having invented nothing, but rather for taking the guts out of a clock and putting it in a pencil box, President Obama missed a perfect opportunity to use his “You didn’t build that!” line on Ahmed when Einstein Jr. visited the White House this week.

From wanting MIT to going to  Qatar- completing the radicalization

Ahmed will now head to the Middle East to work on completing his radicalization. His father already has a chip on his shoulder about America, and now that his son has met terrorist leaders from Middle Eastern countries like Sudan, his bad feelings about America may become amplified in his new home country.

Who knows, if Ahmed really does develop some inventive skills, some of these crazy leaders may commission him to build “clocks” for them.

One bit of sympathy there may be for Ahmed surrounds his recent trip to Washington D.C. where he did get to actually meet the president. It may not necessarily be for the Middle East, but no doubt Ahmed is not the first person, and won’t be the last, to meet President Obama and then have the sudden urge to leave the country.

So long, Ahmed. Are you sure you can’t take your new friend Obama with you?

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