Donald Trump Jr: Governors Like Tom Wolf in PA Have Failed

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In an exclusive op-ed in Breitbart, Donald Trump Jr took on Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf for his policy of placing COVID-19 patients in nursing homes. As we have written before, this policy under Whitmer in Michigan and Cuomo in New York left the most vulnerable among us in a place where they could easily contract the very disease that governments claim they were trying to stop. Are they deliberately trying to kill the elderly because they believe they’re worth less than others? It certainly seems that way. And instead of figuring it out and taking steps to fix it, Governor Tom Wolf and those like him are threatening their own counties that seek to open up..

The op-ed from Donald Trump Jr  reads, in part:

A staggering 68 percent of Pennsylvania COVID-19 deaths have occurred in nursing homes. That shocking statistic bears repeating. More than two out of three coronavirus deaths in the Keystone State had absolutely nothing to do with social distancing, business closures, travel restrictions, wearing masks, or any of the other measures “heroic” governors have demanded. Those have a single, common cause: the rapid spread of the virus among the elderly and other vulnerable populations in nursing homes.

Gov. Wolf’s administration failed to implement a plan to protect nursing home residents that his own experts developed, but the ineptitude goes much deeper. Wolf also — in defiance of all sound science and basic common sense — ordered nursing homes to admit patients who had already tested positive for the virus, putting them in close contact with the very people most at risk of experiencing serious complications and death from COVID-19.

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, another Democrat who likes to lecture citizens about the importance of following his orders, is embroiled in a similar scandal.

The results have been predictably tragic. More than 2,000 Pennsylvania seniors have died in nursing homes, many of them due to exposure to infected people who would otherwise have interacted with healthy people who had much lower risks of dying.

Now, Wolf is desperate to put the blame on someone else. His administration is refusing to release detailed information on individual nursing homes even as neighboring states do so. Instead of promoting transparency, Wolf is demanding blind obedience to his edicts and smearing anyone who questions his orders as an enemy of science.

Notably, coronavirus deaths in the counties seeking to reopen are even more concentrated in nursing homes thanks to the disaster Wolf created than in more densely-populated counties elsewhere in the state. Beaver County, which was among the first to defy Wolf, only has infection numbers that suggest the need to stay shut down because of a massive nursing home outbreak.

Pennsylvania Nanny State

Protesters went to Harrisburg on May 15, as they have before, to demand that the Governor reopen the state. It seems to fall on deaf ears. In fact, he has threatened the counties that want to open up with loss of funds.

Instead of going to war against the virus, Wolf is warring against his own citizens who are trying to make a living and be safe at the same time. His tweet is arrogant. He should not be a Governor at all. Rep Crenshaw was right- these Dems are “drunk with power.” Local leaders are the bread and butter for the state, and Wolf is violating his oath on a massive scale. His constituents need to remember this in the next gubernatorial election.

“It’s my job to keep myself safe, not his.” Ashley Asper, protester


Featured photo: screenshot of Harrisburg protest on May 15, 2020 via Breitbart video


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