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Don Shipley is a 24 year retired Navy SEAL who served in eight SEAL Platoons, was Platoon Chief in five, and was awarded the Navy and Marine Corps Medal for Heroism during a Search and Rescue Mission. He’s an American hero… and he is not fond of Fake Navy SEALs, nor any other fake military posers. Why? Because many of them are ‘sociopaths, narcissistic’ people with an agenda to scam others out of their money, or bring other harm to them by building trust with their fake narratives.

The Beginning

Thirty years ago, a man named R D Russell got so sick of fake SEALs that he started a database of 18,000 names of the legit Navy SEALs and UDT Frogmen. There were no computers, just typewritten files stuffed in a metal file cabinet. Russell came up with it the hard way- all the way back to 1943.

When Don Shipley took over, he took it to the internet and YouTube with his “Phony Navy SEAL of the Week.” He verifies names for people who contact him. But his work has cost him…with YouTube ripping his account down because of an alleged violation from years before.

“Someone on YouTube didn’t like me and must have ‘mass flagged’ my video. They had to have scoured my videos to find one on Johan Kildridge Harrison. I’m not sure, but I really think they didn’t like my outing Nathan Phillips that Native who claimed to be a Vietnam Veteran.”

The Nathan Phillips caper

The Covington Catholic kids were actual victims of the so-called “confrontation” with a ‘Native American Vietnam Veteran.’ Don was the one who exposed Nathan Phillips because of the narrative perpetuated by the Mainstream media that he was a “Vietnam Veteran” and claimed to be a “Recon Ranger” (nonexistent rank). Shipley’s video is in the following tweet:

An important message

We asked Mr. Shipley if he had received death threats.

“These phonies ‘dislike intensely’ being outed. I’ve had people threaten to kill me. They are quick to give advice to others in order to puff themselves up. But they don’t like having the rug pulled out from under them… as far as death threats from others, people can say anything they want in their mom’s basement while they’re sitting in their underwear.”

One poser claimed to have been shot out of a cannon toward North Korea. The sad part is that anyone believed him.

Over the years he has worked with Inside Edition and other media. His Facebook page is “Extreme Seal Adventures,” and his website, “Extreme Seal Experience,” was started originally as a training program for the Navy in 1992. His videos outing the fake SEALS have gone viral, creating endless problems with YouTube. Shipley created where all his old and new videos are posted and will never be removed.

When “stolen valor” occurs with the military, generally the only ones actually prosecuted are the Medal Of Honor fakes. It leaves the ‘smaller violators’ to sleuths like Don Shipley. The problem is, they often leave just as many heartbroken people devoid of their money or their emotions in their wake.

Whether the posers are trying to get accolades, or just plain scare people, Shipley says there may come a day when he no longer does what he does. He says his last SEAL verification will be done through his charity Extreme SEAL Adventures, that helps veterans by taking them waterfowl hunting and fishing. He told us he hopes to “fall over dead with a goose call in my mouth.”

But for now, he’s at FormerBuds131 on YouTube.

Don Shipley performs an important job, one that others don’t want to tackle. We wish him the very best in his work! Thank you Mr. Shipley!

Featured photo of Don Shipley: screenshot from video

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  • Frederick Arnold

    I have been in contact with SeniorChief Shipley . He is a patriot and a very comical conversationalist. A big hunk of a man who can kick some serious ass if riled up. Keep on doing it Don you are the MAN!!

  • Frederick Arnold

    By the way I am retired from DOD service of Navy Police Officer 24 years. Served with a few SEALS and a lot of sailors a few marines and many DOD officers. All despise stolen valor perps.

  • Russell Van Driel

    Not a SEAL,but someone needs to go after Bloomenthal,the fake Vietnam Senator.

  • Greg

    Glad to have seen some of Dons work , Fakes Suck . My military career ended early because of bad decisions I made . I own them , still in my same MOS 40 years later . Thanks for the training Uncle Sam . Best Wishs to Don and his Wife !

    • Carole Best

      Most definitely! Bloomenthal is that green slime, sum at the bottom of the swamp

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