DOJ Trouble- Comey Defies Lynch to Re-open Clinton Probe

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Defying Attorney General Loretta Lynch is probably not a particularly good career move, but then neither is refusing to indict someone who has obviously committed a crime. Either the whole Congress – and the country- is mad at you or one person and her cronies. It appears that James Comey chose one person over the alternative when he re-opened the Clinton investigation.

Upsetting the Apple Cart

In an article from the New Yorker, Jane Mayer writes,

 “…Coming less than two weeks before the Presidential election, Comey’s decision to make public new evidence that may raise additional legal questions about Clinton was contrary to the views of the Attorney General, according to a well-informed Administration official. Lynch expressed her preference that Comey follow the department’s longstanding practice of not commenting on ongoing investigations, and not taking any action that could influence the outcome of an election, but he said that he felt compelled to do otherwise.

Comey’s decision is a striking break with the policies of the Department of Justice, according to current and former federal legal officials. Comey, who is a Republican appointee of President Obama, has a reputation for integrity and independence, but his latest action is stirring an extraordinary level of concern among legal authorities, who see it as potentially affecting the outcome of the Presidential and congressional elections.

“You don’t do this,” one former senior Justice Department official exclaimed. “It’s aberrational. It violates decades of practice.” The reason, according to the former official, who asked not to be identified because of ongoing cases involving the department, “is because it impugns the integrity and reputation of the candidate, even though there’s no finding by a court, or in this instance even an indictment.”

What next?

Did you see it? The New Yorker referred to Comey, who is connected up to his eyeballs with Clinton and the Clinton Foundation, as a “Republican appointee.” The Democrats and their media minions may turn on him ferociously – will they discredit him? It’s how the Democrats do things.

When Eric Holder was in charge of the DOJ, he formalized their tradition of not interfering in a memo that said they were to keep the department’s “neutrality,” “fairness,” and “nonpartisanship.” When Comey chose to open the investigation again, he supposedly “broke” with the “tradition.”


The issue of “interfering with the election” is a false issue. When someone is carrying the ball down the field and their own team is cheating in the game, it’s time for the referees to interfere. We NEED interference!

Maybe, just maybe, he’s become tired of being pushed around by everyone and their grandmother. Maybe he finally looked at himself in the mirror and didn’t like what he saw.

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