DOJ Refuses to Prosecute Comey In Spite of IG Referral

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The DOJ refuses to prosecute former FBI Director James Comey for his handling of memos that contained classified information. The decision was made because they “lacked evidence” to show that Comey’s intent was to share classified information.

It was a similar excuse that they used for not prosecuting Hillary for her “careless” treatment of classified information. They didn’t have “intent.”

Intent, by the way, is not addressed under Title 18, Section 798 of the code under “Disclosure of Classified Information.” But the main issue here is that the memos were marked classified/confidential AFTER they were submitted.

Comey gave his memos to a friend, attorney Daniel Richman, who in turn leaked them to the New York Times. We submit that he knew exactly what he was doing, but the DOJ says they can’t prove it. Deep State decision?

DOJ Refuses to prosecute.

The Hill reported,

Inspector General (IG) Michael Horowitz’s team referred Comey for possible prosecution under the classified information protection laws, but Department of Justice (DOJ) prosecutors working for Attorney General William Barr reportedly have decided to decline prosecution — a decision that’s likely to upset Comey’s conservative critics.

Prosecutors found the IG’s findings compelling but decided not to bring charges because they did not believe they had enough evidence of Comey’s intent to violate the law, according to multiple sources. 

One month after Comey was fired by the President, FBI agents went to his home and retrieve the memos, so the story goes. Yet there is a huge discrepancy in dates regarding when they went to his home. They testified in Congress that they got his memos in May, but released information that they got them in June. The two agents who went to his house in May only got his badge and a training file. Somebody’s fibbing…again.

Somebody’s lying? Color me shocked.

Comey’s not totally out of the woods yet, he still has to face scrutiny over the FISA warrant issue. But does this decision mean that the FBI is STILL covering for Comey? That swamp is STILL full of alligators? Say it isn’t so.

The IG report on FISA abuses is still to be released.

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  • Lynn Shortman

    No average citizen gets away with telling a highway officer-i didn’t intend to speed!!!
    This is infuriating!

  • GenX Crit

    This little toe nail is bait. Barr… will wait to indict the whole little toe and the big toes as well. The Greatest Troll On Earth likes toes, and the bigger, the better.

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