Dog Tag Brewery Salutes Veterans With Every Beer Sold (Video)

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Seth Jordan is a combat Marine veteran and former naval aviator.   He’s also the drive behind Dog Tag Brewing, a Belgrade, Montana microbrewery that began producing cans of their craft beer bearing the name and rank of actual fallen American heroes.

President and founder of Dog Tag Brewing, Marine Seth Jordan says,

“Our fallen warriors who have paid the ultimate sacrifice are not just nameless and faceless statistics, but great Americans with stories of courage and inspiration. We wanted to create a product that would convey gratitude to those who have made the ultimate sacrifice and to the families they have left behind.”

Mission Asset Rexam

But a different printing for each can is expensive. Jordan turned to company Rexam for assistance. Rexam’s printing technology allows different graphics to be printed on a single pallet of cans. This allows Dog Tag Brewing to tell the story of 12 fallen warriors on their IPA and Lager packages.


Rich Grimley, president and CEO, Rexam BCNA, is assisting Dog Tag carry out its mission. Grimley said,

“Our innovative Editions printing process makes it possible for this customer to achieve its goal of telling the story of individual military personnel who died in the line of duty on its beer cans. At the same time, the cans deliver the best in environmental considerations with the highest recycle rate, as well as excellent filling, distribution and retail display economics. It’s the perfect package to help build their brand and business.”

Dog Tag Brewing Foundation

Remembering our warriors is more than a marketing pitch.  When first announced that fallen warriors would be memorialized on each can, Dog Tag Brewing’s FaceBook page received over 10,000 likes in 24 hours. Moved by the response, Jordan posted the following:

“Dog Tag Brewing was designed to be a movement, not a company. We recently erected the Dog Tag Brewing Foundation (DTBF) which will receive 100% of all future profits from Dog Tag Brewing .

The Foundation’s mission is to support and enhance Gold Star Family initiatives aimed at preserving and honoring the legacies of their loved ones. The Foundation’s Board of Directors is comprised of all OIF and OEF veterans who have recently transitioned to the private sector and who are committed to our fallen brothers and sisters. 

It has been such a joy to see what was once an idea turn into a movement with the support of tens of thousands of Americans. Let’s collectively support this movement and continue to warm the hearts of the families we support.”

Drink Up!

Dog Tag brews a lager and IPA. Dog Tag Lager is a clean and refreshing brew that is both complex in flavor and light in body. Dog Tag IPA has a slightly sweeter and malty flavor. Both are packaged in a 12 oz. can with a camouflage design.

Dog Tag Brewing’s tagline is Enjoy your beer. That’s an order!’. Of this mission, Dog Tag says,

We are profoundly grateful to our nation’s military families and will ensure that their loved ones are not forgotten through our unique can design, community outreach and charitable giving. Please remember these great Americans, salute their sacrifice and enjoy our beer.

dog tag brewery

Dog Tag Brewery is using special technology to create individualized cans of beer

The company’s initial production will honor the following courageous servicemen who died while defending their country:

Sergeant Andrew J. Baddick, US Army

Specialist Thomas J. Barbieri II, US Army

Staff SergeantChristopher Falkel, US Army

Staff Sergeant Joseph Gage, US Army

Sergeant Brian St. Germain, US Marine Corps

Captain Ryan K. Iannelli, US Marine Corps

Lance Corporal Eric Herzberg, US Marine Corps

Major Michael D. Martino, US Marine Corps

Sergeant Jeremy R. McQueary, US Marine Corps

Major Leon F. Morand, US Army

Lieutenant Colonel Mark Taylor, MD, US Army

Sergeant Matthew J. Sandri, US Army

Each fallen hero listed on a Dog Tag can also has a page on the Dog Tag website with his or her story. If you would like to submit a fallen hero, you can do so by having the next of kin contact Dog Tag via email at

Dog Tag Brewing products are currently sold in select retailers in  Montana, New Jersey, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Virginia and Wyoming.  However a FaceBook post suggests the brewery is working on a deal that will make the beer available nationwide.

Remember, “Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.”

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