Dog and Pony Show: Mark Zuckerberg Testimony to Congress

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Mark Zuckerberg testifying in Congress is actually just a dog and pony show, and the whole circus was repugnant to watch. The laughing, the jokes, the humor behind a company that has made billions selling our data and using that data to push a liberal agenda. The Deep state puppets were asking for more moderation and more censorship, with only a few people raising questions significant enough to bring a strange nervousness to Zuck’s voice.

As many of you know, Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children has been around since 2009. We were the largest social media community then as we grew up to 614,000 followers, and in around 2011 Facebook killed our page. This happened a few more times over spans of several years. Not one single news media, including Fox News, gave us a platform where we could let our followers know what had happened.

Do you know how many Facebook pages have been taken down since? Thousands, many of them great ones with a loyal following. All of a sudden one media loved a Facebook page run by two Trump election supporters and now everyone gives a shit.

Would have been good if they cared a long time ago. But guaranteed the calls for more regulation will create more problems for conservatives, especially when Zuckerberg appears to be willing to accept “more regulations.” Something’s very wrong there.

Facebook will continue censoring conservatives and especially those whose message is not supported by media giants like Fox News and others. That’s the reality, nothing changes, and eventually everything becomes worse.

There are two issues here, one is the censorship and that’s a whole case by it self. The other is the sale of our private information. They should have focused on one issue and one issue only. That’s my two cents. Facebook has been selling and using our data since they started. They gave information to the Obama Administration, and in fact one of Facebook’s cofounders, Chris Hughes, was part of the Obama campaign in 2008. They got more data again in 2012 according to numerous media reports.

Run and hide?

Here is a question for you and the most important question they never once asked: why can’t a Facebook user completely delete their account? Why does it have to be hidden? Shouldn’t this be an option for every single facebook user? This question was never asked. What solutions do we have? Not many, or none at all. Some folks want to go MEWE, without even knowing who owns it.

MEWE is owned by 3 former Facebook giants, friends with Mark Zuckerberg. Facebook eats their competition, so eventually if MEWE gets too big they’ll likely get an offer from Mark Zuckerberg, an offer they can’t refuse and they will get swallowed whole. That’s why Zuckerberg supports the idea of regulations, regulations that he can afford which will destroy any competition. He will become even richer.

We can’t run and hide. They will win. Facebook wants all of us Conservatives to go away to another platform. As he said, his biggest followers are overseas not here in the USA. He could care less. For us, it will be suicide, because our common goal to wake up others, to educate others will be lost. We can’t educate if we go and hide in our safe spaces.

We need to be in the middle of it, we need to combat the liberal agenda in their own fields of political correctness – even if those fields are full of land mines. It’s the only way we can win. I know more than anyone what it’s like to be banned for 30 days for something stupid, but I also know that the reason they banned me is because they do not want me to share my message.  So I continue to be a pain in their asses.

Freedom of speech shall not be infringed.

Do you think the NSA has all of our Data? Wrong, Facebook has all of our data, all of our conversations in and out of the platform, text messages, emails, etc… everything. They even know what you had for breakfast. He keeps talking about this AI, and not a single person in the Congress asked who controls the AI when it becomes too powerful, too intelligent to control?

We have seen this before, when Facebook created an AI that started to make their own language and took over the controls. If the AI is learning and evolves, what’s to say it can’t take over other forms of intelligence programming at a Pentagon level and use them for something sinister?

Facebook even donated to most of the people who were interrogating him, according to The Verge. What is the point of a testimony if they are going to meet with them in private before the questions are asked and the questions were all lame, soft, Mickey Mouse questions with no substance? Everyone was bought in that room. Yes, everyone on both the Democrat and Republican sides. What’s to say they aren’t playing good and bad cop just for the circus act?

It was a dog and pony show, nothing will come from this except more ways to censor our conservative voices. The talk of adding more liberals to suppress freedom of speech is mind boggling. The good news is that not everyone in Facebook is a liberal, that there’s is a war in Facebook between conservative views and liberal ones. There are some good people fighting the good fight from within. That is the only way we can win:  take it from within and destroy this powerful monster from the inside out.


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    It was apparent that he didn’t know about Diamond & SILK.. I think it’s funny that he’s 5’7″ s tall and has to sit on a 4″ cushion.. One would think that he das HEMI’S!!!!

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