Do You know Where Your President Is? Iraq With the Troops

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Late on Christmas night, President Trump and Melania landed in Iraq for a surprise visit to US troops.  His purpose was to thank them for their service and wish them a Merry Christmas. They landed at Al-Asad Air Base. John Bolton was with him and had planned to meet with US military and political officials at the base.

The president reportedly told the troops in Iraq that he had no plans at all to remove the 5,000 troops there.

According to Fox,

The president told reporters traveling with him that he wants to get U.S. soldiers home from Syria and that Iraq can still be used as a base to stage attacks on Islamic State militants if needed, according to the Associated Press.

Trump added that if needed, the U.S. can attack IS “so fast and so hard” that they “won’t know what the hell happened.”

“I think a lot of people are going to come around to my way of thinking. It’s time for us to start using our head,” he told reporters.

Surprise visit

The President was asked  by Chris Wallace a few days ago why he hadn’t visited the troops in a war zone yet, and he answered,

“Well, I think you will see that happen. There are things that are being planned. We don’t want to talk about it because of — obviously because of security reasons and everything else.” President Trump

The logistics of taking a president to a war zone are daunting. First they have to sneak out of the country, which is a Herculean feat all by itself. But this visit appears to have gone well, with the troops excited to see him and his lovely wife.

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