Do Security Guards Need Guns? A NJ Judge Doesn’t Think So

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Roselle Park, New Jersey – It’s been 6 years since James Holmes walked into an Aurora, Colorado theater and killed 12 people, as well as wounded 70 others. But when a security guard for a theater in New Jersey applied for a weapons permit, a NJ Judge denied his request, without a hearing, even though the local Police Chief had approved the application. Do security guards need weapons?

Calvin Carlstrom worked for an AMC theater as a security guard. He applied for a gun permit in June of 2016, and the local Police Chief approved it in October that same year.

New Jersey 101.5 reported,

“Carlstrom worked as a security guard at an AMC theater and applied for the permit to carry a gun in June 2016. He listed his occupation as a security guard for Global Security Services.

He submitted several endorsements, certificates for firearms trainings and a letter from Global Security’s director of operations that noted his job duties would include “protection of life, as well as cash transfers in the theaters.” The letter from John DeVino also noted that “large amounts of cash” are moved across the theater, and that theaters have been identified as “soft targets” for terrorists by the Department of Homeland Security.”

Sounds logical.  Documentation along with the application. Seems simple.

But Judge William A. Daniel denied the application because Carlstrom didn’t establish a “justifiable need” to have a gun.

James Holmes. Twelve dead, 70 wounded. Not a justifiable need.

“Applicant failed to establish that he, in the course of his described employment, will be subjected to a substantial threat of serious bodily harm and that carrying a handgun is necessary to reduce the threat of unjustifiable serious harm to any person.” Judge William A Daniel.

Logic would dictate that such a blatant violation of the 2nd Amendment would be rejected on appeal. But nope. On Monday, Sept 24, the appellate court concurred with the ruling, citing that security guards don’t have an automatic right just by virtue of their occupation. They also stated that Carlstrom had not shown a need for the weapon.

James Holmes. Twelve dead, 70 wounded. Not a justifiable need.

“We cannot conclude that the Amendment or the Court’s recent decisions require this state to dismantle its statutory scheme addressing the risks of misuse and accidental use in public places devised long ago and developed over many years.” Appellate court.

So to recap, the court decided that granting a security guard a weapons permit would “dismantle” the entire New Jersey legal scheme. But then, this was New Jersey.




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  • Kim Reyka

    I have known Cal for almost 40 years. He was a Marine with my husband during his earlier career. One of their duties was to protect the President when he was at Camp David. The Marine Corps had strict requirements to be chosen for that duty so it was an honor and reflection of Cal’s character. Cal contributed to serve our country in various ways while in the Marine Corps and has also served his community as a teacher, both for 30 or more years.

    Cal excels in articulation. He is smart, thorough and has excellent judgement. We are fortunate to have such a qualified person have an interest to serve the public and want to protect them should an unfortunate event arise. Previous mass shootings have occurred at movie theaters among other public places.

    Most would not spend the time, money or have the patience to secure this job. Cal is more than qualified and would be the ideal person to serve and protect both the people in the theater and the transportation of money should their be a problem. He is trained in firearms. That coupled with his excellent judgement skills would allow both him to be safe and help assist in securing the safety of others.

  • Kevin Barth

    There’s a reason they call them “security guards” and not “ushers”….they’re intended to be a deterrent and, if necessary, be prepared to respond to ensure public safety. Couple that with the character of Cal, a fellow Marine that I had the honor to serve with for many years….do the right thing!

  • James Apito

    I totally agree this is bull. Why do we have a 2nd Amendment ?

  • Bob

    Cal, “50 Cal” what an awesome guy. Last person in the world to need a gun so you should listen to him. Anyone would feel safer with him in the room. It’s a real thing. How in the world is an “appointed” vs elected judge getting to decide who gets the Second Amendment Right? That’s exactly how Iran works.

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