DNC Site Confuses Polish Veterans with American Veterans

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The Military Times reported a Democratic National Committee snaffu — they described it as the DNC needing a “refresher course in what American veterans look like.”


The above photo appeared on several Democratic websites with the reminder that that the Democratic party has a “commitment to America’s veterans.” Only…they’re not American veterans.

Have another drink, why don’t you, liberals?

Does your website poster need some new glasses?

Not Americans- Polish veterans

Those are clearly European style  uniforms, and Poland in particular. The White Eagle insignia is visible on their hats, not to mention the salute that is off normal.  It was actually taken when Obama went to Warsaw in 2011 and has been posted on White House streams before.

The sad fact is, they didn’t bother to check. And they want the American veteran’s vote, but they don’t know what an American veteran looks like.

When the Military Times notified the website of their mistake, they immediately swapped it out for another one. Everyone makes mistakes, even Democrats, not that they EVER admit such things.

Clearly a refresher course is needed. Let’s set one for them, shall we?

veteran WWII

WWII veteran

american veterans1

USMC Native American veterans (2013 file photo)







U.S. Navy veteran – US Navy photo


Combat veterans – photo via Wisconsin Veterans Museum






























The carpet on which the men walk in the next picture is a symbol of their sacrifice for us all. They are representative of disabled veterans. If ever we needed the Democrats to truly honor and respect our men and women of the Military, it’s now.

While their mistake on the DNC website is what the Military Times calls, “harmless,”  it is just another symptom of a rampant disrespect and dishonor that flows through the liberal realm. Believing that returning veterans are “dangerous” or not treating their medical issues with skill, tells the men and women we have trained to keep us safe that they are not welcome.

We trained them, we used them, we must treat them with respect. We must allow them purpose again, and the dignity of honoring their sacrifice.

Who would you rather have help you in times of danger or need- a veteran or a liberal politician? You know the answer to that.

Disabled-Veterans (1)





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