Divided House Votes for Impeachment Inquiry Rules

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Every single House Republican (plus two Democrats) voted AGAINST the Democrats running their secret impeachment hearings.  The resolution that set rules for the impeachment hearings passed,  232-196 along party lines, giving the Democrats the signal for full steam ahead. Four people did not vote at all, three of them Republicans. The divided House continues to march on in darkness, and the day of reckoning may be approaching sooner than they think.

The resolution voted upon today was not an impeachment inquiry vote. It was a resolution to establish rules on the hearings. It authorized minority members of the committee to question witnesses for 5 minutes, but not longer than 90 minutes. (We’ve already seen that in action when Adam Schiff cut a minority member short as he attempted to question a witness about with whom he may have shared classified information.)

When Rep Tom Cole (R-OK) attempted to introduce an amendment requiring the Democrats to produce documents in the interest of “transparency,” but it was rejected. (Which is par for the course when one party is outnumbered.) Other members of Congress did the same, but each and every time, Democrat rejected the amendments.

In short, the Democrats and their Communist methods are running rampant over the Constitution. Of course, they’ll tell you that they’re “doing their duty.”

Even before the vote, letters from Congress members met with a brick wall.  No response to requests for transcripts and documents, nothing at all.

Let’s be blunt: Democrats are lawless – it’s why they are breaking House rules. They don’t care about any rules but their own – and their own are calculating, and manipulative. By the way, if Trump were impeached, VP Pence would be next, and they’d do that same to him.That would leave Nancy Pelosi as President. If THAT doesn’t terrify you…

The resolution “authorizes” but does not require Democrats to provide documents. Chairman Adam Schiff can do everything he’s been doing – and the misleading vote today will allow it.

Senator Graham introduced a resolution in the Senate to condemn the House impeachment proceedings.

Featured Screenshot: The House of Representatives today with Rep Debbie Lesko speaking against the “sham” House impeachment.


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