Ditching the Star Spangled Banner? What’s Next – The Flag?

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The constant “overhaul” of American history includes calls to ditch the Star Spangled Banner.  Statutes toppled, violence in the streets, buildings burned, and threats to rip apart American society… now they are calling for the ditching of the Star-Spangled Banner. Where will it end? With the loss of the American flag? (Gateway Pundit)

Some are calling for John Lennon’s “Imagine” to replace the national anthem. No need to stand at attention for that one. Make America more “politically correct” and “inclusive.” (Daily Mail)

So here we are. Is it just the “cancel culture” at work? No, there is a larger agenda at play… an agenda of Marxism/Communism.

People have been calling for the national anthem to be replaced for many years, shrieking that it’s racist. No one ever sings past the first verse of the song at any events. But the agenda is to destroy all of the symbols of America, and remove every vestige of history from sight. And if we don’t comply with their wishes, they have threatened to “burn down the system and replace it.”

The Star Spangled Banner is about prevailing through battles. When Francis Scott Key wrote the poem in 1814 after the battle of Fort McHenry he was inspired by the flag flying  over the Fort. Will it prevail in this battle for the very foundations of America? Or will both the anthem and the flag be torn down because of an opposing viewpoint? Will the “silent majority” fight back or kneel under the pressure?

America Prevailed In The Battle of Fort McHenry, 1814 from Battlefields.org

“Defending Fort McHenry was a young Major, George Armistead, uncle of the famous Civil War General, and 1,000 men. Early in the morning on September 13, the British warships began their bombardment. Because of the shallow water, Admiral Cochrane was unable to use his heavy warships, and instead attacked with the bomb vessels HMS Terror, Volcano, Meteor, Devastation, and Aetna. These ships fired exploding mortar shells, bombs, at high angles into the fort. Joining them was the rocket ship HMS Erebus, which launched the newly invented Congreve Rockets. The ammunition used by these ships would inspire the famous lines “and the rockets’ red glare, the bombs bursting in air.”

Initially the British fleet exchanged fire with the forts cannon, but soon withdrew out of range. For the next twenty-seven hours, the British warships hammered the fort. Over 1,500 cannonballs, shells, and rockets were fired at the fort, but only inflicted light damage thanks to fortification efforts before the battle. During the night, Cochrane ordered a landing party to slip past the fort and try to draw troops from the force opposing Brooke. These troops were able to draw fire from the fort, but did not draw troops away from Baltimore.

On the morning of September 14, the American defenders lowered their battered storm flag and raised the large, thirty by forty-two foot, garrison flag. This flag, ordered a year earlier by Major Armistead from local flagmaker Mary Pickersgill, was raised every morning at reveille, but earned a special significance on the morning of the 14th.

Baltimore lawyer Francis Scott Key, held aboard the British warships during the bombardment, feared that the fort had succumbed to the bombardment. Yet, when Key saw the large flag flying over the fort there could be no mistake, the fort held. Key’s experiences inspired him to write a poem, Defense of Fort McHenry, which would later be set to the tune “To Anacreon in Heaven,” and become the Star Spangled Banner. In 1931, the song officially became the national anthem.”

Which will you choose, America? The removal of the National Anthem? What if the flag is next? Will you kneel to the agenda or will you stand up and say “NO!”

Featured photo: Painting of Francis Scott Key (file)


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  • Brian

    They want to replace the anthem? With what? Zippaty doo dah wonderful day

  • Benny Furgeson

    The only song that might be considered to replace The Star Spangle Banner is DIXIE and the Stars and Stripes replaced by the Stars and Bars ! I have a Heritage too, and mine is just as important as theirs. White Lives Matter! P.S.Tell the truth about the criminal George was!

  • Vito Cipponeri

    How do we stop the removal of the anthem? I makes my head spin.

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